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Acting Headshots for Children

Not only to do we specialize in Commercial Headshots for Adults but we can also help you with your acting/modeling portfolio for children of all ages! We know how important a great first impression is to get your child or teen recognize and know exactly what the modeling/acting agencies are looking for. Check out a few of our samples below and give us a call so we can help you promote your actress/actor to be.


BL Harbert Corporate & The Mercedes Logistics Center

It is always important when shooting commercial photography to not only include your business or corporate headquarters, but to also document the places and spaces that your company is involved in. BL Harbert is in charge of construction of the brand new Mecerdes Logistics center being completed in Vance, AL. This session was a perfect example of how innovation in an area, whether it be photography or construction, guides business and how this knowledge can help supports existing and future endeavors.





Headshots with eMeals

Headshots are an important staple in the world of business. With one image, you are showing to potential clients and the world at large who you are, what you are about, and your level of professionalism. Headshots are about letting an image speak volumes and communicating the right message without saying a single word. This is made possible through posturing, choosing image content related to your work or your organization, and choosing the correct environment for your area of expertise. The eMeals headhots session is a great example of how all these things work together in harmony. Using locations that properly displayed such things as delicious-looking food, signage that associates with the company, and commercial, but relaxed settings, we were able to showcase eMeals mission of providing healthy meals of all kinds to busy families, and display the professional way they provide for their clients and their families.