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Industrial Architecture, Inside and Out

When photographing architecture, it is not only important to show the beautiful exterior of a building, but show what is on the inside. The inside of a building is its life. A beautiful shell is going to bring no clients in if what is contained inside is old and unappealing. BL Harbert’s construction of a new portion of the Mercedes Plant in Vance, AL is a perfect example of how to join a modern exterior with a welcoming interior for clients. The exterior and interior of the building, though completely different, are both clean and streamlined. Here are some examples from our session.



Product Photos with Commercial Vehicle Group

Another one of our specialties here at kp studios is product photography. Whether it is a unique, artistic, one-a-kind object or a product coming off an assembly line, we have the knowledge to make your product memorable and distinct to your clients and consumers. Here are some shots of our product session with Commercial Vehicle Group out of New Albany, Ohio. One line of products that Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) produces is chairs for commercial vehicles. It was our goal with this session to not only make the chairs look as comfortable as possible to potential clients, but also display that these seats will stand the test of time as well.


Architectural Photography

Architectural photography is defined as the photographing of buildings and similar structures that are both visually pleasing and accurate representations of said sites. However, at kp studios we take this photography to the next level. We not only want your place of business or a building built for your client to not only be visually pleasing, but to make people feel that when seeing these buildings that they have a personality of their own. We use our years of experience in commercial photography to make your building seem alive, taking into account that not only the building, but its surroundings should also be “visually pleasing”. And to give our clients the expertise they deserve, we not only photograph architecture around the state of Alabama, but are also willing to travel throughout the Southeast, including Mississippi, Georgia, and Florida. Need our photographic experience outside of this area? We are even willing to travel as far as California if that is what it takes!

Here are some examples of our most recent architectural photography sessions, this one for Fravert Services.



Professional Headshots and Your Business

Some people may wonder what is the importance of having a professionally-designed headshot?

Clients tend to do business with those they feel like they have a personal connection with, that they like upon their first impression, and that they feel they can trust. Having a professional headshot helps people connect to you on a personal level, way before they may ever meet you in person. Customers will spend hours going through photographs on your website, only occasionally reading the accompanying text. Headshots are also great to use on social media websites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as a greater way of connecting with your future customers. Your photo should be the same one across all your social media, on your website, your marketing collateral, business cards, email signature, job proposals, and speaking engagements.

A professional headshot may be the first impression you make with a potential client. A professionally photographed headshot is going to send a different message to a client, a message that means you are serious about doing business, rather than the message a headshot a friend or family member of yours may have taken with a camera they have on hand. Quality headshots personalize your business and can take you a step ahead of your competition.

Wondering how headshots can make that professional impression. Just look at these examples we shot recently.

Need more convincing? Click here to see more headshots from kpstudios:


Headshots for Your Actor or Actress

At kp studios we specialize in creating glamorous headshots not only for our corporate clients, but also for children looking to become that next rising star. We know how important it is for people of all ages to make a great first impression and understand how important it is to get that exact headshot that modeling and acting agencies are looking for. Here are some examples from two of our most recent sessions with Jager and Jolie.