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Graphic Design Explained

What is graphic design?
The American Institute of Graphic Arts, better known as AIGA explains it best.

Suppose you want to announce or sell something, persuade someone to , or explain a complicated system or demonstrate a process. In other words, you have a message you want to communicate. How do you “send” it? You could tell people one by one over a radio or a loudspeaker. That’s verbal communication. But if you use any visual medium at all-if you make a poster; type a letter; create a business logo, a magazine ad, or an album cover; even make a computer printout-you are using a form of visual communication called graphic design.

Graphic designers work with drawn, painted, photographed, or computer-generated images (pictures), but they also design the letterforms that make up various typefaces found in movie credits and TV ads; in books, magazines, and menus; and even on computer screens. Designers create, choose, and organize these elements-typography, images, and the so-called “white space” around them-to communicate a message. Graphic design is a part of your daily life. From humble things like gum wrappers to huge things like billboards to the T-shirt you’re wearing, graphic design informs, persuades, organizes, stimulates, locates, identifies, attracts attention and provides pleasure.

Graphic design is a creative process that combines art and technology to communicate ideas. The designer works with a variety of communication tools in order to convey a message from a client to a particular audience. The main tools are image and typography. see more

Graphic Design: A Career Guide and Education Directory
Edited by Sharon Helmer Poggenpohl
Copyright 1993
The American Institute of Graphic Arts

Here are just some of the examples of graphic design that kp studios has provided to our clients.




Interior Architecture at Crown Regency

In Architectural photography it is all about the lighting. Getting the right lighting for your clients building or interior can be challenging, since natural light and artificial light both have to work together in harmony. Also, if the lighting is too dark or too bright, your building might look uninviting to potential clients. With our session at the Crown Regency, our goal was to use lighting to emphasize the warm, inviting nature of the interiors of the building. We think the results turned out great.




Hampton Inn in Jacksonville, Alabama

kp studios is so glad that we could help the Hampton Inn of Jacksonville, Alabama show how warm and welcoming they are to their customers through these commercial images. It was such a pleasure working with this hotel and all the staff.



Gordon, Dana, Knight, & Gilmore, LLC

Gordon, Dana, Knight, & Gilmore, LLC or GDK&G is a law firm whose mission it is offer the best and brightest practicing business and corporate law litigation in Birmingham. They understand perfectly what it is to have a professional image and how to maintain it. At kp studios, we were very honored to be the photography studio they chose not only for associates headshots, but also their corporate group photo. We are happy that we could turn out portraits that this firm can use for years to come.



Product Photography with Amico Metal

Alabama Metal Industries Corporation or AMICO is a leader in the manufacturing and the distribution of Industrial Flooring and Grating, and also Expanded Metal Products. Their clients and products span throughout the North American Market. When we photographed two types of metal grating that they manufacture, called Apex and Bilbao, we gave them the best shots possible of their products. Lighting is always especially important, and shooting the metallic sheen of these gratings was difficult. However, this sheen is also integral of showing exactly what kind of products these grating are and what they can stand up against. That is always our goal when we shoot any commercial product. We want you to end up with photographs you can be proud to show your clients and that help you bring in more customers as a result. We thank AMICO metals for choosing kp studios for this session.


Image is Everything In Any Business

Image has a lot to do with how businesses are perceived. However, image is what gets clients and customers in the door. Product is what keeps them coming back. Just how headshots speak volumes to clients even before they meet you in person, how your product is perceived, whether through an Internet source or an advertisement on paper, is a deciding factor in the product’s success. Many people think that because they have smaller businesses or trade in used products that product imagery is not important. However, it does not matter if you are selling homemade jam or hundreds of new cars. These are products, they are your brand, and you have a deciding hand in whether they are successful or not by either giving them a tarnished image or one that shines like the sun. Customers will be drawn to anything, used or not, if they think it is something cool and new. In these product images from an America’s Thrift store for Kinectic, we show what is “used” can be “new” again!




A Great Headshot Says It All

Cockrell and Associates, LLC is a company based out of Birmingham, which provides services to medical groups and clients that specialize in healthcare delivery systems. With a company that provides an array of important services that are in high demand, it is of upmost importance that their public image is flawless and up to date. Bill is the president, and when he came to us looking for professional headshots for him and his team, we knew exactly what to do. We are so glad he and his employees now all have a headshot that can represent them and the great work their company does in the brightest and most favorable light. As the title of this post states, “A great headshot says it all.”




Ferlisi – Jolly Associates, Inc.

Ferlisi – Jolly Associates, Inc. in Birmingham. It was such a joy for us to help this firm update their headshots to a more state-of-the-art presence, but also help them solve their marketing problem by creating for them a great advertisement that really shows them as a modern, compassionate, and pragmatic group of brokers that is going to go the extra mile for their clients. Helping great people like those at Ferlisi – Jolley associates is when being a photographer is particularly great.