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Large Group Photography

Challenges and solutions for large corporate groups.

Getting together a large group of people for a photograph can be challenging, especially when it is a large office full of busy people with busy schedules. Thankfully, today’s technology offers us different solutions to getting around the scheduling nightmare. Large groups can be broken into smaller groups or individuals and shot against a backdrop, or an entire scene multiple times with different people and later stitched together into one group photo. The need for a large space to shoot in is also eliminated when you break groups down. These photos show groups that have been photographed individually and placed on a solid background.

corporate  group photography

medical group photography

No matter what you’re unique challenges are, kpstudios has years of experience getting the best shot AND giving you the best experience. Browse through the Group Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Sweet Shots from Edolyn’s Pies

Delicious images straight out of the kitchen.

These new images of Edolyn’s Pies show how a few carefully selected props can enhance an image, and how repetition can add interest. The fresh ingredients surrounding the finished product communicate the all-natural quality that goes into every pie, while the kitchen utensils hint at the homemade goodness baked inside.

Food Photography

Food Photography

Whatever you’re baking up in your kitchen, you can count on the expertise and experience of kpstudios to style and capture the delicious flavor of your food.
Take a look at our Food Photography Portfolio to see for yourself, and drop us a line when you need to capture your creations.

Acting Out in the Studio

Beautiful headshots for young actors and actresses.

The young actors from Acting Out Academy came by the studio to get headshots done for their portfolio. Check out some of the top picks of the session for this amazing group.

Child Acting Headshots
Child Acting Photography

If these shots are any indication, these young people have a bright future ahead of them!

If you need a new headshot, check out our Acting and Modeling Headshots Portfolio and contact kpstudios to schedule your photo shoot.