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Unique Considerations for Modeling Photos

Dressing the part for stunning modeling images.

Modeling photography differs greatly from acting photography. With acting photography, you want your natural features to shine through without any distractions, and makeup should be kept to a minimum. Modeling headshots can be more creative with the scene, lighting, and camera angles. They require a greater amount of consideration regarding the market and the look of the model – are they an all-American athletic type? Glam? Multi-racial? Blue collar? High fashion?

Regardless of the desired market, a stylist and makeup artist is usually required for modeling headshots. Wardrobe and backdrop choices are usually more elaborate, and final photos are more heavily retouched.

If you need photos for your portfolio, check out our acting and modeling portfolio and get in touch with us. Together with our Makeup Artist, Tabitha Boyd, we can help you get the shot that makes you stand out!


Candid Business Photos

Natural poses help customers relate to you.

While posed headshots and group photos will always be a necessity for a business, casual and spontaneous pictures in your work environment can help your clients imagine what it is like to work with you. More than just putting a face to a name, these candid photos can communicate your professionalism and work ethic. These images have multiple applications, from print advertising to websites. If you are updating your company headshots and group photos, consider adding some of these creative shots at the same time.

Take a look at our commercial photography portfolio and get in touch with kpstudios to discuss how we can best represent your business.

candid business photos

Artistic Headshots and Group Photos

Creative images give your business an edge.

When Baker Real Time needed eye-catching headshots and an updated group photo, they called kpstudios to get the best shot. The blue backlight contrasted with the warm skin tones give these photos a modern, edgy feel that aligns perfectly with their brand. If you need more than a simple headshot to promote your business, you can count on kpstudios to deliver.

Take a look at our headshots and group photos, then get with us to discuss how we can help you.

artistic headshots and group photography

creative headshots

Creative Marketing Photography

Reach your clients with the perfect image.

A picture says a thousand words, especially when its used in effective advertising. With kpstudios, you won’t have to shop around to get your message across. We handle all aspects of your marketing, from eye-catching images to persuasive ads. Why spend your precious time being the middleman between a photographer and a designer, when you can leave it up to us and keep doing what you do best?

Check out our marketing services and graphic design portfolio, then get in touch with us to handle all of your needs.

marketing photography

marketing photography

Mouthwatering Food Images

Fresh new restaurant photography from kpstudios.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these images for Buck Creek Pizza ought to give you some food for thought. These pictures not only show the quality and variety you get, but also show a little of the warm atmosphere inside the restaurant. It may be hard to choose from so many delicious offerings, but we’re sure some of these images will get your stomach rumbling.

If you need to capture your delicious fare, you can count on kpstudios to get the most appetizing image. Check out our Food Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us.

food photography restaurant