Corporate Lifestyle Advertising

At some point most companies will have a need for internal adverting images, whether it be for annual reports, inter-office marketing, company brochures, websites etc. We specialize in lifestyle images for company marketing materials. Stock photography is over used and clients can tell the difference between stock and real company photography. Clients want to work with real people and people they know. There is no better way to engage your customer base and introduce them to your company than to showcase your employees in your adverting materials.

Lifestyle Industrial Photography

We had the pleasure working with a company out of Tuscaloosa, AL to help promote their train-to-hire program through a local college. The company works with the institute, through on the job, real life training, the students will be ready for hire when they graduate the program. Look for some of these images on a billboard near you.

Lifestyle Advertising – Home Services

We recently finished a project with a local home services company. On this shoot we wanted to showcase the customer service and client relationship for the company. We worked with real technicians and real clients to show what a service call might look like. Its not always easy getting non-models to look natural on camera. I think these guys and gals knocked it out of the park. Our laid back approach helps make everyone involved feel at ease in front of the camera.

Corporate Headshots Customized for your Brand

When you hire kp studios for your corporate headshots in Birmingham, Alabama we don’t just sit you in front of the camera snap a couple of images and send you on your way, no! We take time to get to know you and your company and create custom corporate photography that reflects your brand. We create imagery especially for you! We want your images to pop on your marketing materials and make you stand out in a crowd. After all, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Our handcrafted approach allows for complete customization of your professional photography. Each session comes complete with a wardrobe consultation, a phone interview, and styling services (should you choose to utilize them). We also keep you involved in the process the entire time, reviewing your images with you and helping you select the perfect image(s). Fine lines, wrinkles, sleepy eye, crooked smile, not to worry, our natural editing process will take care of all those little nuances that drive you crazy. We will ensure you look your best, guaranteed.

Take a look at The Spot On Agency’s custom commercial photography, its a perfect fit for their website. Trust kp studios to help create your very own corporate headshots and commercial photography for your brand. You can check out more of our work here

Summer Acting Portfolio Sessions

Take advantage of special pricing on acting photography during our Summer Acting Portfolio Session.

Our complete package is available at a discounted price for a limited time, and includes three looks with professional styling, and a portfolio of 10 professionally edited digital files. Slate shots are available for an additional fee.

Due to popular demand, the Summer Acting Portfolio Session has been extended to an additional day. Six additional time slots are available on Monday, June 12th, from 4pm to 6:30. Time slots are filling up fast, so act now!


Industrial Manufacturing Photography

Give yourself an edge over your competitors.

It may be common to think of Industrial Manufacturing as a boring topic, visually speaking. That is the last thing you want your customers to think about your company, however. If they are looking at your website or advertising, then they must be interested in your work. It is important to show them that you work hard to make top-quality products that are technologically advanced.

The best way to convey this is with a professional photographer that appreciates your business. With our extensive experience in lighting and composition, you can count on kp studios to capture the emotion and intrigue that is often overlooked in your industrial setting. Take a look at our industrial photography portfolio, and you’ll see how we can give you an edge over your competitors.

Are you ready to rise above the competition? Contact kp studios to schedule your industrial photo shoot.

Acting & Modeling Photo Sessions

Get the look that gets you noticed!

Great headshots are the calling card that can get you noticed in the acting and modeling world. A solid portfolio that shows the range of your expressions and styles can help you stand out in a sea of faces. Having a photographer with experience in acting and modeling photography is vital to ensure you get the unique look that puts you on top of their list.

At kp studios, we’ve helped actors and models of all ages with their portfolios, including the talented young actors with Acting Out Academy. Our in-house stylist and make-up artist knows how to help you get the look you’re going for, and we know how to capture it. We have a variety of pricing options available to suit your needs – from a single look to a range of looks complete with wardrobe changes. We also provide slate shots – short (3-5 sec) videos that capture a glimpse of child in real life. This is a must if you plan to be on Actor’s Access.

Get the image that gets you noticed. Contact kp studios today to schedule your session today.

Take advantage of special pricing for a limited time during our Summer Acting Portfolio Session!

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Casual Business Portraits

Say goodbye to boring, stuffy mugshots!    

It’s a common misconception that business headshots have to look like a mugshot against a boring backdrop while wearing a stuffy suit. A casual atmosphere is becoming much more common, and a relaxed, creative portrait that shows your personality is, in turn, becoming more appropriate.

These types of fun, creative, and unique portraits are even more fitting with the increasing importance of social media networking. They can help you connect with your network on a more personal level. While it’s always important to be sharp and well-dressed in a business portrait, that no longer means that you have to be wearing a suit in neutral, drab colors.

If you are looking for business portraits with personality, contact kp studios. We can help you with suggestions on attire and location, as well as getting that perfect shot!

Environmental Headshots

Add some character to your business portraits.

Are you having trouble finding a suitable location in your office for your business portraits? Are you looking for something more interesting than a standard corporate headshot? Consider moving your photo shoot outdoors.

Environmental headshots are perfect for on-the-go professionals and those looking for something more creative and expressive than a standard business headshot. The choice of location can help communicate your personality, or where and how you do business. This type of portrait also allows for a more relaxed and natural pose, which can inspire a sense of trust within your potential clients.

Are you looking to add some creativity to your business portraits? Contact kp studios today!

Unexpected Beauty in Industrial Photography

Intriguing Images from an Industrial Setting    

From scraps of twisted metal to stacks of cold steel pipes, beauty is hidden all around the dusty floors of a factory. Through colored light and showers of sparks, the allure and mystery of a figure hidden behind a welder’s mask is captured through the lens of the camera.  The rhythmic dance of automated machinery and bustling workers is frozen in time.

Industrial photography is one of the most interesting project categories a photographer can tackle. With our extensive experience in lighting and composition, you can count on kp studios to capture the emotion and intrigue that is often overlooked in your industrial setting.

These images recently captured for Walpar, Inc. illustrate exactly what we are talking about. Visit our Industrial Photography Portfolio for more intriguing shots from us. We’re confident you’ll want to contact us for your industrial photography needs.