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Can you say stunning! Love the dark hair color with the teal green color of her shirt. Did you know that your headshot looks best with a pop of color in your clothing. You want simple yet colorful when it comes to an attractive headshot. Most of us want to wear black because we think its “slimming” but black makes for a pretty boring headshot. So next time you are going to have your picture made spice things up with a pop of color!

Industrial – Heavy Machine Photography – New Jersey

I had the pleasure of flying to New Jersey for this particular shoot! This company builds these massive refrigeration systems and ships and installs them world wide. It’s no small task to build these large skid systems to refrigerate an entire warehouse of food and perishable items. Industrial photography is a challenge simply because what you are shooting is a large machine and generally not very attractive. It is the photographers job to find an interesting way to tell the story of these massive machines and make them attractive all at the same time! Sometimes its very hard to showcase “a cold room” per say because in the end that is what the final product is for this client. However the process, knowledge and expertise of this company is what truly sets the apart from their competition, so that is what we tried to focus on.

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Skyline of Birmingham AL from RailRoad Park

I am so in love with this image! A client contacted me and wanted me to help them create some cool artwork for their new office. This is one of my most favorite things to do. They gave me a list of all the “Birmingham” iconic places and I went out and photographed them so we could create some cool artwork. We printed this 60×40 onto different panels of metal and mounted them all together to make a giant collage. This will serve as the conversation piece as you come in the door.

I have posted the image and then a picture of the artwork once it was produced. Pretty cool, huh?

Office Artwork





Food Photography Birmingham Alabama

Photographing food can be quite difficult. Much prep goes into making the food look as delicious as it taste. Edolyn’s pies is bringing their New Jersey, family based pie company right here to Birmingham, AL. As they branch out into this new market they need some images for their new website. We wanted to create and image that showed the home cooking style of pie that they make for their customers. I have to say this was hard to shoot simply because all I wanted to do was eat it.

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Headshots – What’s your color?

We are here to customize your headshot based on your company brand, we don’t offer run of the mill images. We want your images to be about you!! We work with you to coordinate your photography with your marketing efforts. We take the time to talk to you and get to know your company and brand so that we can give you the best images possible.

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Artistic Documentary Style Law Firm Photography

I am always up for the challenge of trying new things and sometimes with law firms that can be a challenge because of the seriousness of their business they don’t always want to branch out on the creative scale. Most want to stay pretty conservative. I loved converting these images to black and white to express a more documentary style of photography for this firm. However these guys let me have some fun and my favorite is the image of them as the super lawyers! They have a championship belt that they pass around to each other and the guy with the winning case get to wear it. I think its a pretty fun way to keep healthy competition alive!


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Environmental Corporate Photography

Sometimes when creating a look for your company you might not have the right office space to showcase your team or employees. Many times we pick an alternate location for your shoot to give you just the right look and feel for what you are trying to say with your corporate photography. With this company we used Ross Bridge Resort to as their background to give us an artistic edge over what we could achieve in their office. From headshot to group shots we were able to give them alot of variety to choose from. Also using a makeup artist/stylist is a sure way to put the professional touch on your corporate images.

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Products, Products, Products

It’s hard to get a nice clean white image of your product. But honestly there is no better way to sell your merchandise online that to have a great quality image of what you are selling. People need to know exactly what they are buying from, correct color, to size, etc. Studies have shown that sales increase by 100% when a good well lit product photograph represents the product as apposed to poor quality image. The images are simple, clean and crisp and that is what sells merchandise. If you have some products you need to be photographed give us a call. We have a great rate for product photography and the more items you have to photograph the better the price.

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Corporate Headshots – Making your team looks it’s best!

There is one thing that we do well and it’s corporate headshot. We know how to give you a modern look and feel for your new marketing materials and website. There is an art to a good headshot and we have mastered it! We take several things into account before deciding on how to photograph you and your team. One of which is that we want to know how the images will be use and where they will be displayed. We want to build our set to coordinate with your marketing efforts. This also helps us determine the color scheme for your headshot. We want everyone to coordinate so that your images look professional and represent a team and not a mish-mash of colors that looks to be an after thought.

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