Corporate Headshots on Location

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We specialize in corporate headshots. Not only can we handle a single headshot in our studio but we can bring our photography studio to your location, for 5 for more employees. Complete with a wardrobe stylist/makeup artist, we will make sure your team looks top notch. We also show everyone their images the day of the shoot and even let them pick their favorites so they are certain to be pleased with their new look. This helps cut down on production time and allows for much faster turnaround time when submiting the images to the marketing director. If your company is looking for an updated, professional, modern style head-shot, give us a call! We are the right team for the job.

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corporate headshot

corporate headshot

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Professional Headshots in Birmingham, AL

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We are your one stop headshot shop! We can photograph your professional headshot in our studio or if you have 5 or more we will bring the studio to your location. We have an on-site makeup artist/stylist that is sure to make you and your team look great. I know many people ask why do I need a make-up artist. First off make-up for photography is much different that your normal everyday make-up. Many times professional lighting can wash out your natural make-up look and leave a blah effect. With the right contouring and colors on your skin your natural features are sure to pop. There is a common misconception that you will look “made-up” if you use a make-up artist, however that is simply not the case. A professional make-up artist will make you look very natural indeed. Take a look at a few of our studio head-shots posted here.

Our goal is to give you a simple, timeless look that will last you at least 2-3 years. Simple isn’t always easy right? Leave your next headshot to kp studios, where we know how to made you look and feel your best. Most people walk out of the studio feeling great about them self saying “Man I never knew I could look so good”.

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Product Photography in Birmingham, AL – Products on White

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Are you looking for a local solution for your website e-commerce images. kp studios can handle your product photography no matter how large or small your products and no matter if you have 10 or 200. We also offer clipping services to ensure you get the clean white images your website deserves.

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Acting Headshots for Children

kp studios specializes in acting and modeling headshots and portfolios. We have been working with local and regional talent for many years and know what the agents are looking for. Our commercial photography experience allows us to know exactly how these types of images should be styled and how they should look. An acting headshot shows off more personality than anything, the agents want to know what kind of attitude they can get from their talent, while a modeling shot has a much more glamorous look and feel too it.



Modeling & Acting Images

Have you looked everywhere and can’t really find the type of images you need for your modeling or acting portfolio? Well take a look at our portfolio, we have worked with some of the top agencies around like Real People, Acting Out Academy and Casting Hub, just to name a few. We know what they are looking for and can give you the quality images you need. We can even help you with putting together your comp cards and getting them printed for you. We are you one stop shop when it comes to helping you launch your new modeling or acting career

Modeling & Acting

Where do you go to get the best headshot in town?

Where do you go to get the best headshot photography in town? kp studios is the answer to that question.

Hands down you will get the best headshot in town if you come see us. Read some of our reviews. Not only do we have the fabulous Tabitha Boyd, makeup/artist stylist extraordinaire on set making sure you look your best, we are the only company in town that will sit down with you and review the images with you and help you pick the best shot! And guess what, if you don’t like any of them, not to worry, we will go right back in the studio and shoot more, until you are 100% Happy!

We want you to love your images. We understand that no one wants to have their picture made, we are all self conscious but with todays chaining market and social media on the rise, its how we do business. It’s imperative that as a professional, you have an up-to-date headshot. We say that if you have a good image at max it should last you three years, unless you have a major change in your hairstyle or color, then it should be updated more frequently. Go take a look at your profile or linked in picture, when is the last time you had your headshost updated?

Give us a call we will make it a painless and easy process and you will leave our studio looking and feeling like a million bucks.




New Construction Projects – Commercial Building Photography

Well Harbert has been busy this summer finishing up some exciting new projects. I am happy to photograph their amazing work. They take so much pride and care when building their projects. I am always amazed at how beautiful and fabulous each new building is when its completed. Usually after many months and sometimes even years these projects come alive after all the handwork and dedication that the contractors put in with their labor of love. Architectural Photography is one of my absolute favorite things shoot. Each building tells its own unique story and the camera loves all the fancy angles of these projects.




Aldana Hot Sauces – Product Photography of Reflective Surfaces

Product Photography can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. I mean it seems simple, right? Until you try it. Especially when your products are shiny, reflective or made of glass, they start picking up all these weird shapes in the images and it can be hard to tell where the shadows and reflections are coming from. I have spent almost two days perfecting these images. So if you are trying to photograph your own products and are getting frustrated, you are not alone. It can be a daunting task. I think these turned out rather nice and I know my client was very pleased.



Food Photographer – Restaurant Menu Photography

One thing that you want when you go to a restaurant is an appetizing menu. I can not tell you how many times I have sat down and looked at a menu with not so appealing images on it. Kind of makes you not want to eat the food or makes you think that maybe the quality of the food will not be that great because what they are showing you on the menu is well less than appetizing. Food photography can be very challenging, not only to you have to know how to light the food but you also have to make it look appetizing~ Todd English Pub downtown knows first hand that they want its customers to experience only the best pub food in town! The atmosphere is simply amazing with live music. the food delicious and well the beer, they have a ton to choose from. If you are downtown check them out. Todd English Pub is located in the bottom of the new Westin Hotel.