Unique Considerations for Modeling Photos

Dressing the part for stunning modeling images.

Modeling photography differs greatly from acting photography. With acting photography, you want your natural features to shine through without any distractions, and makeup should be kept to a minimum. Modeling headshots can be more creative with the scene, lighting, and camera angles. They require a greater amount of consideration regarding the market and the look of the model – are they an all-American athletic type? Glam? Multi-racial? Blue collar? High fashion?

Regardless of the desired market, a stylist and makeup artist is usually required for modeling headshots. Wardrobe and backdrop choices are usually more elaborate, and final photos are more heavily retouched.

If you need photos for your portfolio, check out our acting and modeling portfolio and get in touch with us. Together with our Makeup Artist, Tabitha Boyd, we can help you get the shot that makes you stand out!


Candid Business Photos

Natural poses help customers relate to you.

While posed headshots and group photos will always be a necessity for a business, casual and spontaneous pictures in your work environment can help your clients imagine what it is like to work with you. More than just putting a face to a name, these candid photos can communicate your professionalism and work ethic. These images have multiple applications, from print advertising to websites. If you are updating your company headshots and group photos, consider adding some of these creative shots at the same time.

Take a look at our commercial photography portfolio and get in touch with kpstudios to discuss how we can best represent your business.

candid business photos

Artistic Headshots and Group Photos

Creative images give your business an edge.

When Baker Real Time needed eye-catching headshots and an updated group photo, they called kpstudios to get the best shot. The blue backlight contrasted with the warm skin tones give these photos a modern, edgy feel that aligns perfectly with their brand. If you need more than a simple headshot to promote your business, you can count on kpstudios to deliver.

Take a look at our headshots and group photos, then get with us to discuss how we can help you.

artistic headshots and group photography

creative headshots

Creative Marketing Photography

Reach your clients with the perfect image.

A picture says a thousand words, especially when its used in effective advertising. With kpstudios, you won’t have to shop around to get your message across. We handle all aspects of your marketing, from eye-catching images to persuasive ads. Why spend your precious time being the middleman between a photographer and a designer, when you can leave it up to us and keep doing what you do best?

Check out our marketing services and graphic design portfolio, then get in touch with us to handle all of your needs.

marketing photography

marketing photography

Mouthwatering Food Images

Fresh new restaurant photography from kpstudios.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these images for Buck Creek Pizza ought to give you some food for thought. These pictures not only show the quality and variety you get, but also show a little of the warm atmosphere inside the restaurant. It may be hard to choose from so many delicious offerings, but we’re sure some of these images will get your stomach rumbling.

If you need to capture your delicious fare, you can count on kpstudios to get the most appetizing image. Check out our Food Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us.

food photography restaurant

Large Group Photography

Challenges and solutions for large corporate groups.

Getting together a large group of people for a photograph can be challenging, especially when it is a large office full of busy people with busy schedules. Thankfully, today’s technology offers us different solutions to getting around the scheduling nightmare. Large groups can be broken into smaller groups or individuals and shot against a backdrop, or an entire scene multiple times with different people and later stitched together into one group photo. The need for a large space to shoot in is also eliminated when you break groups down. These photos show groups that have been photographed individually and placed on a solid background.

corporate  group photography

medical group photography

No matter what you’re unique challenges are, kpstudios has years of experience getting the best shot AND giving you the best experience. Browse through the Group Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Sweet Shots from Edolyn’s Pies

Delicious images straight out of the kitchen.

These new images of Edolyn’s Pies show how a few carefully selected props can enhance an image, and how repetition can add interest. The fresh ingredients surrounding the finished product communicate the all-natural quality that goes into every pie, while the kitchen utensils hint at the homemade goodness baked inside.

Food Photography

Food Photography

Whatever you’re baking up in your kitchen, you can count on the expertise and experience of kpstudios to style and capture the delicious flavor of your food.
Take a look at our Food Photography Portfolio to see for yourself, and drop us a line when you need to capture your creations.

Acting Out in the Studio

Beautiful headshots for young actors and actresses.

The young actors from Acting Out Academy came by the studio to get headshots done for their portfolio. Check out some of the top picks of the session for this amazing group.

Child Acting Headshots
Child Acting Photography

If these shots are any indication, these young people have a bright future ahead of them!

If you need a new headshot, check out our Acting and Modeling Headshots Portfolio and contact kpstudios to schedule your photo shoot.

Preparing for a Group Business Photo

Getting the best shot of your team.


Group photos are a great marketing tool for your business. When done correctly, they can communicate the value of combined experience and teamwork that you bring to your clients. They can engender trust and foster a sense of familiarity with your organization, and can convey authority and promote long-term relationships with your clients. Getting the best shot of your group is vitally important. Here are a few tips to help your team prepare for your session.

group photography

Consider the message.

Think about what you want to convey in your group photo. Do you want to look tough or do you want to seem more relaxed, friendly, and approachable? Discuss this with your photographer so they can help you achieve the desired results.

Scout out a location.

Look around the office with your photographer, and see what possibilities you have. If your office is not suitable for the portraits, then you might look elsewhere. You may choose to take your group photo in the lobby or a local club office. Your photographer will have some experience with this and can help you make these decisions.

Timing is everything.

Think ahead about how many people will be in the image. Plan a time when everyone is likely to be there. If you are photographing a larger group that needs to be broken down into smaller groups, consider that when making your schedule.

Dress professionally.

Wear professional clothes that fit you well. Avoid busy patterns and large lines or stripes that draw attention away from your face. Do not wear turtlenecks since they crowd the face. Including company colors in your wardrobe can provide a sense of unity.

Don’t overdo accessories.

Keep jewelry simple to avoid drawing attention away from your face. Style your hair naturally, and avoid using makeup or product that shines or sparkles.


With a little planning and a great photographer, you can ensure that you are putting a great face to your company name. Contact kpstudios to help with your next photo shoot.

5 Tips for Better Acting Headshots for Children

Guidelines for a great acting photography session

The Acting Headshot is the single most important marketing tool for an actor. It will be sent out and emailed to tons of casting directors and agents, who see hundreds of these every day, on their desk and on their computer. If your headshot is bad, you look bad. You want to be seen as a pro, not an amateur, so the way you present yourself in your picture is everything. If you want people to take you seriously, you must have a good, high quality, killer headshot. The purpose of an acting headshot is to see the soul in the eyes, to see spark, character, intensity- you cannot just pose if you want a casting director to respond well to your images. Following these tips will ensure that you are well received by agents who may be looking to sign you for future work.

1. Dress simply with a pop of color.

You want to stand out for the right reasons in your Acting Headshot. Wear a simple, solid colored t-shirt, think primary bright colors and no collared shirts or fancy dresses. We want to bring attention to your face and bring out your eyes. Anything else will only take away from your face and distract from the range of emotion you can display, and that is what you are trying to sell.

2. Keep a natural look with your makeup.

These aren’t glamour shots, so keep the makeup looking natural. Focus on makeup to even out your skin tone and minimize the shine to enhance the lashes. Do your hair the way you would for any audition. You want to look the best for your headshot, and if choosing a multiple look package change it up a bit to show off your different personalities.

3. It’s all about the eyes.

Just like with on-camera acting, it’s all about the eyes, and what’s happening behind them. It’s your closeup, your moment. Your eyes should be perfectly in focus, alive, and energized, and not dead and glazed over. There should be strong inner thoughts, implying a backstory and a life behind the eyes. Strong piercing eyes will bring a picture to life and help it stand out in a pile of hundreds.

4. Think about your character.

Will you be going for a tough guy role? The sensitive type? Think about what role you are going for, and take the time to put yourself in their shoes. What color would they wear? What is their backstory? What emotion are they going to bring to the camera? You want all of this to come through in a single shot.

5. Practice.

Rehearse at home in front of a mirror. Practice poses and expressions. Visualize different emotions while looking in the mirror, and watch how this changes your expression. If you’re having trouble with expressions, watch your face in the mirror while running lines from a favorite scene. Imagine you are acting out a scene and pause the recording at that perfect moment that conveys all of the emotion of your character. Pick a few of these moments and study your expressions.

We want you to be successful and by following these guidelines you will make your session the best it can be.

Child Acting Headshots