Custom Graphic Design and Photography for your Marketing

By now you all know that kp studios is known for our photography skills but what you may no know is that we are a one-stop shop for your marketing materials and custom graphic design. We can create a custom look for you from your photography all the way to your print, web and other collateral materials. Take a look at what we created for AccuRX Pharmacy. They are a specialized pharmacy focusing on Nuclear Medicine and Compounding. In order to arm their sales team with the best possible materials we helped them create a one-of-a-kind pocket folder and customized sales sheet that tells about all the services they have to offer. Not only did we create the stunning imagery of their products, we laid out their sales pieces too!


Commercial Photography – Bank Adverting Campaign

Aliant Bank now known as USAmeria Bank called on us to help them with their annual report and website imagery. They wanted to focus on their customers and show off the great relationships they have with them. Over the course of a couple days and a few locations we were able to visit their customers and showcase them in a way that portrayed their banking relationship on a more personal level. USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios001

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios002

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios003

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios004

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios005

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios006

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios007

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios008

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios009

Advertising Photography for your business

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios001

Two Maids and a Mop gave us a call to help them with their adverting photography for their online marketing needs. We were able to work with them, their models and stylist to create compelling images to help them establish their brand and attract new clients to their business.

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios002

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios003

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios004

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios005

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios006

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios007

commerical photography birmingham_two maids_kp studios008

Actor Headshot Birmingham, AL

We were excited to work with acting instructor Meg Deusner of Acting Out Academy here in Birmingham, AL for her professional actor headshot. Acting Out Academy is the premiere on-camera acting academy in the greater Birmingham, Ala., area. The three-year-old academy focuses on contemporary, on-camera acting, offering classes, audition coaching and taped auditions for kids and adults, along with on-camera private lessons to prepare students for professional opportunities in film and T.V.

We are happy to know she has our vote of confidence when it comes to her professional image.

acting headshots birmingham_kp studios001

acting headshots birmingham_kp studios002

acting headshots birmingham_kp studios003

acting headshots birmingham_kp studios004

acting headshots birmingham_kp studios005

Corporate Headshots on Location

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios001

We specialize in corporate headshots. Not only can we handle a single headshot in our studio but we can bring our photography studio to your location, for 5 for more employees. Complete with a wardrobe stylist/makeup artist, we will make sure your team looks top notch. We also show everyone their images the day of the shoot and even let them pick their favorites so they are certain to be pleased with their new look. This helps cut down on production time and allows for much faster turnaround time when submiting the images to the marketing director. If your company is looking for an updated, professional, modern style head-shot, give us a call! We are the right team for the job.

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios002

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios003

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios006

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios004

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios005

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios007

Enviromental Location Headshots Birmingham_ kp studios008

Professional Headshots in Birmingham, AL


We are your one stop headshot shop! We can photograph your professional headshot in our studio or if you have 5 or more we will bring the studio to your location. We have an on-site makeup artist/stylist that is sure to make you and your team look great. I know many people ask why do I need a make-up artist. First off make-up for photography is much different that your normal everyday make-up. Many times professional lighting can wash out your natural make-up look and leave a blah effect. With the right contouring and colors on your skin your natural features are sure to pop. There is a common misconception that you will look “made-up” if you use a make-up artist, however that is simply not the case. A professional make-up artist will make you look very natural indeed. Take a look at a few of our studio head-shots posted here.






Product Photography in Birmingham, AL – Products on White

product photogarphy on white - kp studios001

Are you looking for a local solution for your website e-commerce images. kp studios can handle your product photography no matter how large or small your products and no matter if you have 10 or 200. We also offer clipping services to ensure you get the clean white images your website deserves.

product photogarphy on white - kp studios002

product photogarphy on white - kp studios003

product photogarphy on white - kp studios004

product photogarphy on white - kp studios005

product photogarphy on white - kp studios006

Acting Headshots for Children

kp studios specializes in acting and modeling headshots and portfolios. We have been working with local and regional talent for many years and know what the agents are looking for. Our commercial photography experience allows us to know exactly how these types of images should be styled and how they should look. An acting headshot shows off more personality than anything, the agents want to know what kind of attitude they can get from their talent, while a modeling shot has a much more glamorous look and feel too it.



Modeling & Acting Images

Have you looked everywhere and can’t really find the type of images you need for your modeling or acting portfolio? Well take a look at our portfolio, we have worked with some of the top agencies around like Real People, Acting Out Academy and Casting Hub, just to name a few. We know what they are looking for and can give you the quality images you need. We can even help you with putting together your comp cards and getting them printed for you. We are you one stop shop when it comes to helping you launch your new modeling or acting career

Modeling & Acting