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Show off your Space with Architectural Photography

Bring your building to life for prospects.

Many of your prospective clients have never visited your office in person, and they may never have seen your space alive, filled with human interaction, and performing as intended. They may not experience the sensibility of your space – the carefully conceived wash of light against plaster, steel, or stone, or the painstaking detail of a stair. Great photography can capture these details, and convey the outward representation of the careful consideration you have placed in how your business operates.

Architectural Photography

Don’t sell yourself short by relying on snapshots of your business. Count on kpstudios for images that reflect your aspirations and bring your vision to life. Visit our Architectural Photography Portfolio for more images, and contact us for help with your next project.

Skyline of Birmingham AL from RailRoad Park

I am so in love with this image! A client contacted me and wanted me to help them create some cool artwork for their new office. This is one of my most favorite things to do. They gave me a list of all the “Birmingham” iconic places and I went out and photographed them so we could create some cool artwork. We printed this 60×40 onto different panels of metal and mounted them all together to make a giant collage. This will serve as the conversation piece as you come in the door.

I have posted the image and then a picture of the artwork once it was produced. Pretty cool, huh?

Office Artwork





Environmental Product Photography

Spare Time in Trusville is a super cool bowling alley. These photos actually represent the furniture that is showcased at the bowling alley rather than the bowling alley its self. They want to be able to show their customers how their custom designed furniture can look when displayed properly. A lot of time and skill goes into designing this furniture and with the help of the interior designer a very cool look can be achieved. If you have a product that needs to be showcased in its environment, give us a shout, we can certainly help you out!

architectural photography045

architectural photography046

architectural photography047

New Construction Projects – Commercial Building Photography

Well Harbert has been busy this summer finishing up some exciting new projects. I am happy to photograph their amazing work. They take so much pride and care when building their projects. I am always amazed at how beautiful and fabulous each new building is when its completed. Usually after many months and sometimes even years these projects come alive after all the handwork and dedication that the contractors put in with their labor of love. Architectural Photography is one of my absolute favorite things shoot. Each building tells its own unique story and the camera loves all the fancy angles of these projects.




19th Engineer Battalion Complex, Ft. Knox

Architecture and Landscape photography is not easy to come by; one must hang around to almost dark and be up in the wee hours in the morning to catch such fabulous shots as these. However, in the end its all worth the beauty the right lighting can bring to your building project. Whether your project is far or near kp studios can capture some amazing images of your latest projects.




Interior Architecture at Crown Regency

In Architectural photography it is all about the lighting. Getting the right lighting for your clients building or interior can be challenging, since natural light and artificial light both have to work together in harmony. Also, if the lighting is too dark or too bright, your building might look uninviting to potential clients. With our session at the Crown Regency, our goal was to use lighting to emphasize the warm, inviting nature of the interiors of the building. We think the results turned out great.




Hampton Inn in Jacksonville, Alabama

kp studios is so glad that we could help the Hampton Inn of Jacksonville, Alabama show how warm and welcoming they are to their customers through these commercial images. It was such a pleasure working with this hotel and all the staff.



Industrial Architecture, Inside and Out

When photographing architecture, it is not only important to show the beautiful exterior of a building, but show what is on the inside. The inside of a building is its life. A beautiful shell is going to bring no clients in if what is contained inside is old and unappealing. BL Harbert’s construction of a new portion of the Mercedes Plant in Vance, AL is a perfect example of how to join a modern exterior with a welcoming interior for clients. The exterior and interior of the building, though completely different, are both clean and streamlined. Here are some examples from our session.