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Mouthwatering Food Images

Fresh new restaurant photography from kpstudios.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then these images for Buck Creek Pizza ought to give you some food for thought. These pictures not only show the quality and variety you get, but also show a little of the warm atmosphere inside the restaurant. It may be hard to choose from so many delicious offerings, but we’re sure some of these images will get your stomach rumbling.

If you need to capture your delicious fare, you can count on kpstudios to get the most appetizing image. Check out our Food Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us.

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Sweet Shots from Edolyn’s Pies

Delicious images straight out of the kitchen.

These new images of Edolyn’s Pies show how a few carefully selected props can enhance an image, and how repetition can add interest. The fresh ingredients surrounding the finished product communicate the all-natural quality that goes into every pie, while the kitchen utensils hint at the homemade goodness baked inside.

Food Photography

Food Photography

Whatever you’re baking up in your kitchen, you can count on the expertise and experience of kpstudios to style and capture the delicious flavor of your food.
Take a look at our Food Photography Portfolio to see for yourself, and drop us a line when you need to capture your creations.

5 Ingredients for Getting Delicious Images of Your Food

Five tips for your Food Photography Session.

With our years of experience, kpstudios knows how to make people drool over images of your food. Getting the best shot, however, sometimes requires a collaborative effort. Following these five tips will help you prepare for your session.


Prepare your Location.

Natural light can bring out the colors in your food, but you need plenty of it. Choose a location next to a large window to ensure you have enough diffused light to bring out colors and contrast.

Timing is Everything.

Natural light brings out different colors at different times of the day. If you want to emphasize blues and greens, schedule your session earlier in the day. Choose a time in the evening if you want to bring out reds and yellows.

Make it Fresh!

If your food is supposed to be hot, it should be steaming. Make sure you have enough staff on hand to deliver your food at its best.

Dress for the Occasion.

Blandly colored food can look very unappetizing. Liven up the image with colorful garnish, and check the edges of plates for stray food.

Set the Stage.

Your food should be the center of attention, but being prepared with props can mean the difference between a good image and a great image. Be prepared with plates that harmonize with your food, elegant silverware, napkins, or tablecloths.


Browse our Food Photography Portfolio to get ideas on how to best portray your food.

Food Imagery – Jesse’s Steak and Seafood

Nothing sells food better than nice images. Ever been to a restaurant and looked at the menu and none of it looked¬†appealing? We were able to help a local restaurant create some mouth watering images for some of their most popular dishes. Not only was the food delicious, the people were so great to work with. Looking for a place to grab a bite? Check out Jesse’s Steak and Seafood at Patton Creek.


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Food Photography Birmingham Alabama

Photographing food can be quite difficult. Much prep goes into making the food look as delicious as it taste. Edolyn’s pies is bringing their New Jersey, family based pie company right here to Birmingham, AL. As they branch out into this new market they need some images for their new website. We wanted to create and image that showed the home cooking style of pie that they make for their customers. I have to say this was hard to shoot simply because all I wanted to do was eat it.

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Food Photographer – Restaurant Menu Photography

One thing that you want when you go to a restaurant is an appetizing menu. I can not tell you how many times I have sat down and looked at a menu with not so appealing images on it. Kind of makes you not want to eat the food or makes you think that maybe the quality of the food will not be that great because what they are showing you on the menu is well less than appetizing. Food photography can be very challenging, not only to you have to know how to light the food but you also have to make it look appetizing~ Todd English Pub downtown knows first hand that they want its customers to experience only the best pub food in town! The atmosphere is simply amazing with live music. the food delicious and well the beer, they have a ton to choose from. If you are downtown check them out. Todd English Pub is located in the bottom of the new Westin Hotel.