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Artistic Headshots and Group Photos

Creative images give your business an edge.

When Baker Real Time needed eye-catching headshots and an updated group photo, they called kpstudios to get the best shot. The blue backlight contrasted with the warm skin tones give these photos a modern, edgy feel that aligns perfectly with their brand. If you need more than a simple headshot to promote your business, you can count on kpstudios to deliver.

Take a look at our headshots and group photos, then get with us to discuss how we can help you.

artistic headshots and group photography

creative headshots

Large Group Photography

Challenges and solutions for large corporate groups.

Getting together a large group of people for a photograph can be challenging, especially when it is a large office full of busy people with busy schedules. Thankfully, today’s technology offers us different solutions to getting around the scheduling nightmare. Large groups can be broken into smaller groups or individuals and shot against a backdrop, or an entire scene multiple times with different people and later stitched together into one group photo. The need for a large space to shoot in is also eliminated when you break groups down. These photos show groups that have been photographed individually and placed on a solid background.

corporate  group photography

medical group photography

No matter what you’re unique challenges are, kpstudios has years of experience getting the best shot AND giving you the best experience. Browse through the Group Photography Portfolio and get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Preparing for a Group Business Photo

Getting the best shot of your team.


Group photos are a great marketing tool for your business. When done correctly, they can communicate the value of combined experience and teamwork that you bring to your clients. They can engender trust and foster a sense of familiarity with your organization, and can convey authority and promote long-term relationships with your clients. Getting the best shot of your group is vitally important. Here are a few tips to help your team prepare for your session.

group photography

Consider the message.

Think about what you want to convey in your group photo. Do you want to look tough or do you want to seem more relaxed, friendly, and approachable? Discuss this with your photographer so they can help you achieve the desired results.

Scout out a location.

Look around the office with your photographer, and see what possibilities you have. If your office is not suitable for the portraits, then you might look elsewhere. You may choose to take your group photo in the lobby or a local club office. Your photographer will have some experience with this and can help you make these decisions.

Timing is everything.

Think ahead about how many people will be in the image. Plan a time when everyone is likely to be there. If you are photographing a larger group that needs to be broken down into smaller groups, consider that when making your schedule.

Dress professionally.

Wear professional clothes that fit you well. Avoid busy patterns and large lines or stripes that draw attention away from your face. Do not wear turtlenecks since they crowd the face. Including company colors in your wardrobe can provide a sense of unity.

Don’t overdo accessories.

Keep jewelry simple to avoid drawing attention away from your face. Style your hair naturally, and avoid using makeup or product that shines or sparkles.


With a little planning and a great photographer, you can ensure that you are putting a great face to your company name. Contact kpstudios to help with your next photo shoot.

Large & Small Group Photography –

Large Group Photography is quite difficult only because trying to coordinate 15-20 important people’s busy schedlues all at the same time is near impossible. Here at kp studios we make it easy to coordinate and schedule a group photograph when dealing with large groups. How you ask? We simply set up a few different times and dates to accommodate all parties involved and we photograph them individualy and then digitally put them together.

This is very time consuming for the photographer. Generally there are multiple setups on different locations, the photoshop time it takes to prepare each image, and the final digital processing of making it look right once its all put together.However for the client its very fast and efficient and can accommodate most everyone and their busy schedule.

Another befit of photographing large groups this way is that it allows for the group image to last much longer than if they were all photographed together. Since everyone is photographed individually if someone leaves or is added to the group all we have to do is up date the file and remove a person or just photography the one new person and put him/her in the photo and there is no need to get the whole group back together again.

Here is an example of a team of doctors that we photographed this way. large group photography020

large group photography021

This process also works well for smaller groups too!

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios030

corporate enviromental headshots kp studios008

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios029

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios031

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios032

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios033

Gordon, Dana, Knight, & Gilmore, LLC

Gordon, Dana, Knight, & Gilmore, LLC or GDK&G is a law firm whose mission it is offer the best and brightest practicing business and corporate law litigation in Birmingham. They understand perfectly what it is to have a professional image and how to maintain it. At kp studios, we were very honored to be the photography studio they chose not only for associates headshots, but also their corporate group photo. We are happy that we could turn out portraits that this firm can use for years to come.



Headshots with eMeals

Headshots are an important staple in the world of business. With one image, you are showing to potential clients and the world at large who you are, what you are about, and your level of professionalism. Headshots are about letting an image speak volumes and communicating the right message without saying a single word. This is made possible through posturing, choosing image content related to your work or your organization, and choosing the correct environment for your area of expertise. The eMeals headhots session is a great example of how all these things work together in harmony. Using locations that properly displayed such things as delicious-looking food, signage that associates with the company, and commercial, but relaxed settings, we were able to showcase eMeals mission of providing healthy meals of all kinds to busy families, and display the professional way they provide for their clients and their families.




Location Environmental Portraits for Businesses

Location environmental portraits can be a challenge. First of all finding a location that we can make appealing is the hardest thing. Almost always shooting at your desk is not a good idea. We often stage something in another area of the office so that we can get a unique look of an office setting without all the clutter of an office.

An important first step is to schedule a meeting with your photographer so that you can discuss the needs and the look and feel of what you are trying to accomplish.
Next you will want to scout the location, look around the office, with your photographer, and see what possibilities you have. If your office is not suitable for the portraits, then you might look elsewhere. Maybe in the lobby or a local club office or somewhere that will work for your needs. Your photographer will have some experience with this and can help you make these decisions.



Corporate Group Shots

The place that you have your group stand is important to group shots for a number of reasons. For starters it can give the photo context – We do not want anything distracting in the image. The background is more important than the foreground in most cases.

There is nothing that will make people posing for a photograph turn upon you faster than you not being prepared. People don’t like to be kept waiting so think ahead about some of the following aspects of your photo:

• The location will need to be scouted before hand to make sure your photographer is properly prepared

• Think ahead of how many people need to be in the large group image also can that large group be broken down into smaller groups like partners etc. Its easier to shoot it all at one time than having to come back on a later date.

• When will everyone be together to get the shot. Timing is everything with busy professionals.

• How will they dress. Everyone needs to look like a “Team” not a bunch of random colors and going on in your group image. It’s important to consider your brand colors when composing your wardrobe for your large corporate group photograph.

• After the group shot is finalized its also a good time to go ahead and update individual headshots at this time as well. You will get a much better price to shoot everyone at the same time instead of breaking up the group shots and headshots on different days or times, Plus it’s just easier to shoot everyone while they are all together.

• Hair and Makeup are also a key element in great headshots and group shots. You want everyone to look their best.