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Casual Business Portraits

Say goodbye to boring, stuffy mugshots!    

It’s a common misconception that business headshots have to look like a mugshot against a boring backdrop while wearing a stuffy suit. A casual atmosphere is becoming much more common, and a relaxed, creative portrait that shows your personality is, in turn, becoming more appropriate.

These types of fun, creative, and unique portraits are even more fitting with the increasing importance of social media networking. They can help you connect with your network on a more personal level. While it’s always important to be sharp and well-dressed in a business portrait, that no longer means that you have to be wearing a suit in neutral, drab colors.

If you are looking for business portraits with personality, contact kp studios. We can help you with suggestions on attire and location, as well as getting that perfect shot!

Environmental Headshots

Add some character to your business portraits.

Are you having trouble finding a suitable location in your office for your business portraits? Are you looking for something more interesting than a standard corporate headshot? Consider moving your photo shoot outdoors.

Environmental headshots are perfect for on-the-go professionals and those looking for something more creative and expressive than a standard business headshot. The choice of location can help communicate your personality, or where and how you do business. This type of portrait also allows for a more relaxed and natural pose, which can inspire a sense of trust within your potential clients.

Are you looking to add some creativity to your business portraits? Contact kp studios today!

Location Photography at Recognizable Landmarks

Staff at TherapySouth Pictured Throughout the Area

Sometimes, photographing staff from multiple cities in their respective locations doesn’t quite get the point across. Individual locations can sometimes look the same with uniform corporate branding. If you’re lucky, you might get the message of location out to a handful of people who are already aware of it. Most likely, though, the message you are trying to convey will fall on deaf ears.

For that reason, kp studios brought the staff of TherapySouth out of their boxes and into beautiful, easily recognizable locations in their home towns. Much more effective than a picture in front of a building, these photos convey a sense of pride in their communities.

If you need creative corporate headshots for your business, take a look at our Corporate Headshots Gallery and contact kp studios to set up your appointment.

Corporate Headshots

The kp studios Advantage

Creativity and Quick Setup Sets Us Apart

Quick Setup

Taking time out of your busy schedule for photography is hard enough. We do everything we can to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Whether on-site, or on-location, or in-studio, you can count on kp studios to be ready to capture you at your best.

Expert Lighting

We know what works best regardless of the setting – large rooms, small rooms, or outdoors. We get the best possible image with natural lighting, flash, or a combination. The right lighting and shadow are crucial for setting the mood of the image, and you can count on us to capture the right mood.

An Eye for Details

The camera catches everything, so your photographer better be able to as well. We can help you pick the perfect location for your photography needs, spot anything out of place, and direct your pose to get the most striking image possible.

In-House Stylist

Photography isn’t just about shutter speeds and lighting – it’s about the subject. Making you look your best for the camera is our stylist’s specialty. Take a look for yourself at her site:

Creative Vision

Lighting, styling, framing, and scene all come together in a coherent vision for every image we provide you with. Many digital edits can be done while you wait, and others can be done within a day or two. Regardless of where you are using your image, you can rest easy knowing that kp studios is on the job.

Take a look at some of our images compared to those by another photographer. The difference is clear.



Professional Headshots for Realtors

Let your personality and professionalism shine.    

With the majority of home buyers beginning their search online, your headshot can play a crucial role in attracting new clients. Your headshot should be updated at least every two years, and should reflect your current look. It should be used as a marketing tool to brand yourself, attract clients, and convey a sense of trust, honesty, and integrity. Hiring a professional photographer is the first and most important step in effectively marketing yourself as a professional, hard working agent.

Take a look at some of the most recent realtor headshots by kp studios below, and check out our corporate headshot portfolio.

Put our years of experience to work for you and contact us today!

Real Estate Photography

Artistic Headshots and Group Photos

Creative images give your business an edge.

When Baker Real Time needed eye-catching headshots and an updated group photo, they called kpstudios to get the best shot. The blue backlight contrasted with the warm skin tones give these photos a modern, edgy feel that aligns perfectly with their brand. If you need more than a simple headshot to promote your business, you can count on kpstudios to deliver.

Take a look at our headshots and group photos, then get with us to discuss how we can help you.

artistic headshots and group photography

creative headshots

Corporate Headshots – Hill Hill Carter, Montgomery

Corporate Headshots on Location is one of our niches. We bring the entire studio to your office including our wardrobe stylist/makeup artist. We can shoot at little as 5 or as many as 100+. Take a look at your website, do your team members photographs have a cohesive look to them or are they a hodgepodge of random images that do not match? Bring your team together and give them a look that sets you apart from your competition.

We had the pleasure of working with Hill Hill Carter in Montgomery! Check them out, don’t they look great.Corporate Headshots - Hill Hill Carter013 Corporate Headshots - Hill Hill Carter014 Corporate Headshots - Hill Hill Carter015

Environmental Headshots -Balch & Bingham LLP

Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham010 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham011 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham012 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham013 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham014 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham015 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham016 Enviromental Headshots_Balsh_Bingham017What a great group of people and a gorgeous setting for photography. We were able to give Balch & Bingham several looks from the same location keeping a uniform feel but moving around the office to keep things interesting. Want to make a great first impression, on your website or marketing materials, with stellar images that represent your company? Lets talk.

Headshots – What’s your color?

We are here to customize your headshot based on your company brand, we don’t offer run of the mill images. We want your images to be about you!! We work with you to coordinate your photography with your marketing efforts. We take the time to talk to you and get to know your company and brand so that we can give you the best images possible.

unique headshots034

unique headshots035

unique headshots036

Artistic Documentary Style Law Firm Photography

I am always up for the challenge of trying new things and sometimes with law firms that can be a challenge because of the seriousness of their business they don’t always want to branch out on the creative scale. Most want to stay pretty conservative. I loved converting these images to black and white to express a more documentary style of photography for this firm. However these guys let me have some fun and my favorite is the image of them as the super lawyers! They have a championship belt that they pass around to each other and the guy with the winning case get to wear it. I think its a pretty fun way to keep healthy competition alive!


documentary style corporate photography057

documentary style corporate photography058

documentary style corporate photography059