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Industrial Manufacturing Photography

Give yourself an edge over your competitors.

It may be common to think of Industrial Manufacturing as a boring topic, visually speaking. That is the last thing you want your customers to think about your company, however. If they are looking at your website or advertising, then they must be interested in your work. It is important to show them that you work hard to make top-quality products that are technologically advanced.

The best way to convey this is with a professional photographer that appreciates your business. With our extensive experience in lighting and composition, you can count on kp studios to capture the emotion and intrigue that is often overlooked in your industrial setting. Take a look at our industrial photography portfolio, and you’ll see how we can give you an edge over your competitors.

Are you ready to rise above the competition? Contact kp studios to schedule your industrial photo shoot.

Unexpected Beauty in Industrial Photography

Intriguing Images from an Industrial Setting    

From scraps of twisted metal to stacks of cold steel pipes, beauty is hidden all around the dusty floors of a factory. Through colored light and showers of sparks, the allure and mystery of a figure hidden behind a welder’s mask is captured through the lens of the camera.  The rhythmic dance of automated machinery and bustling workers is frozen in time.

Industrial photography is one of the most interesting project categories a photographer can tackle. With our extensive experience in lighting and composition, you can count on kp studios to capture the emotion and intrigue that is often overlooked in your industrial setting.

These images recently captured for Walpar, Inc. illustrate exactly what we are talking about. Visit our Industrial Photography Portfolio for more intriguing shots from us. We’re confident you’ll want to contact us for your industrial photography needs.


Industrial Photography – Poly One

One of the most exciting things to me is industiral photography. Why you say? Because it is a challenge to make industrial equipment look interesting and I get to use colored light to brighten up the images. I love how Poly One incorporated their team members into the photography. I think this instills a sense of ownership in employees and makes them proud to be apart of the team.


industrial photography_002

industrial photography_004

industrial photography_005

industrial photography_007

industrial photography_013

industrial photography_014

industrial photography_015

industrial photography_016

industrial photography_017

Industrial – Heavy Machine Photography – New Jersey

I had the pleasure of flying to New Jersey for this particular shoot! This company builds these massive refrigeration systems and ships and installs them world wide. It’s no small task to build these large skid systems to refrigerate an entire warehouse of food and perishable items. Industrial photography is a challenge simply because what you are shooting is a large machine and generally not very attractive. It is the photographers job to find an interesting way to tell the story of these massive machines and make them attractive all at the same time! Sometimes its very hard to showcase “a cold room” per say because in the end that is what the final product is for this client. However the process, knowledge and expertise of this company is what truly sets the apart from their competition, so that is what we tried to focus on.

industrial headshots019

industrial headshots018

industrial photography kp studios015

manufacturing photography042

industrial photography kp studios016

industrial photography kp studios017

industrail photography043

Manufacturing Photography – Bosting Company Moral

This company wanted to create an in-house campaign to remind their employees how valuable they are to the company as a whole. This company is a large disturber of life saving drugs and they wanted to create a campaign that focused on its employees and the jobs they do everyday. The goal is to take our corporate photography and create large posters and graphics to be displayed in their warehouse to serve as a reminder to their employees that they are not just packing and shipping products day in and day out, but that the job they are doing is actually saving lives! I think this is a pretty cool concept and love that the company is investing in it’s employees.

manufacturing photography037

manufacturing photography038

manufacturing photography039

manufacturing photography040

manufacturing photography041

Commercial Photography – Bank Adverting Campaign

Aliant Bank now known as USAmeria Bank called on us to help them with their annual report and website imagery. They wanted to focus on their customers and show off the great relationships they have with them. Over the course of a couple days and a few locations we were able to visit their customers and showcase them in a way that portrayed their banking relationship on a more personal level. USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios001

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios002

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios003

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios004

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios005

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios006

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios007

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios008

USAmeri Bank_Corporate Banking Photography_kp studios009

Product Photography with Amico Metal

Alabama Metal Industries Corporation or AMICO is a leader in the manufacturing and the distribution of Industrial Flooring and Grating, and also Expanded Metal Products. Their clients and products span throughout the North American Market. When we photographed two types of metal grating that they manufacture, called Apex and Bilbao, we gave them the best shots possible of their products. Lighting is always especially important, and shooting the metallic sheen of these gratings was difficult. However, this sheen is also integral of showing exactly what kind of products these grating are and what they can stand up against. That is always our goal when we shoot any commercial product. We want you to end up with photographs you can be proud to show your clients and that help you bring in more customers as a result. We thank AMICO metals for choosing kp studios for this session.


Heavy Industry: The power of a creative image

Most people associate industrial photography with heavy industry: power plants, automobile factories, and steel mills. While that is true, industrial imaging in our modern world means much more than that. It means bringing the heavy industry to life with creative images that sell their products. Just because its heavy machinery does not mean that we cannot take a creative approach to making their industry stand out will compelling images.



Industrial Photographer Birmingham, AL

Industrial Photographer Kristie P. LaRochelle knows the challenges of being on location and being able to make your not so pretty large piece of machinery look amazing. With the right industrial photography techniques any old piece of machinery comes to life.