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Product Photography for Catalogs and Websites

High-quality professional images designed to sell.    

While all product photography requires attention to certain details such as lighting, angles, and position, these images for Bostram Seating required a little more attention to detail. They were intended to be used on their website, where customers could select from a wide array of features, materials, and colors, and have an image of the product with all of their selections appear before their eyes. This meant that each element had to be shot separately with uniform lighting and angles across the entire product line. The final images had to be pieced together from each discrete element with close attention paid to the position of the final product, so the image wouldn’t shift around as the customer selected different features. If any one element was shot with different lighting or at different angles, it would result in things shifting around as the product was customized.

kp studios was able to shoot each base, seat back, and material individually, and edit them to look uniform across several product lines with hundreds of variations. Customers are delighted at how easy it is to see their custom-built seating come to life before their eyes.

Put kp studio’s years of experience in product photography to work for you! Visit our product photography portfolio and contact us to help your products stand out from the competition.

Website Product Photography

Professional Product Photographer

Professional Website Photography

Enhance your website with professional photography.      

“Wow!” That’s the reaction you want when someone lands on your website, and one of the best ways of achieving that is by having some stunning photography on your site. Imagery can make or break a website – you can have the sleekest web design out there but if your photography isn’t up to par it’s just going to clash with the design and look terrible! Don’t make the mistake of spending your marketing budget on professional website development without taking into consideration the impact that your imagery has.

We can provide specialized photo shoots that are shot with your website in mind, making sure you have a great selection of images to use both online and offline. You can see some of the latest website photography by kp studios on the Capitol Cups website, or take a look at some selected images below.

Contact kp studios to help with your website photo shoot.




The Unique Challenges of Artwork Photography

Getting the best image for your portfolio.

Photographing artwork presents a unique set of challenges. With online galleries and social media becoming major sources for artists to promote and sell their work, getting a good quality image is more important than ever.

Special attention must be paid to lighting in order to show contrast and texture, while avoiding excess bounce-back which can wash out colors or result in hot spots. On many pieces, the large size can make getting even light levels a challenge. Sometimes getting the best lighting can be a trial-and-error process. Generally, two equally spaced diffused light sources produce the best images.

Perspective is also important in photographing artwork. To avoid distortion, the camera must be centered directly on the piece. Some minor distortion can be corrected in post processing, but every effort should be made to get the image perfectly square.

Portfolio Photography

Artwork Photography

When Ellis Harper Advertising needed images of their work for their portfolio, they turned to kpstudios. When Fonde Taylor needs images of his artwork, he trusts kpstudios. No matter what medium you work in, kpstudios can help you get the best possible image to represent your artwork on social media, in an online portfolio, or for print reproduction. Contact us today.

Products, Products, Products

It’s hard to get a nice clean white image of your product. But honestly there is no better way to sell your merchandise online that to have a great quality image of what you are selling. People need to know exactly what they are buying from, correct color, to size, etc. Studies have shown that sales increase by 100% when a good well lit product photograph represents the product as apposed to poor quality image. The images are simple, clean and crisp and that is what sells merchandise. If you have some products you need to be photographed give us a call. We have a great rate for product photography and the more items you have to photograph the better the price.

product photography kp studios003

product photography kp studios004

product photography kp studios005

Manufacturing Photography – Bosting Company Moral

This company wanted to create an in-house campaign to remind their employees how valuable they are to the company as a whole. This company is a large disturber of life saving drugs and they wanted to create a campaign that focused on its employees and the jobs they do everyday. The goal is to take our corporate photography and create large posters and graphics to be displayed in their warehouse to serve as a reminder to their employees that they are not just packing and shipping products day in and day out, but that the job they are doing is actually saving lives! I think this is a pretty cool concept and love that the company is investing in it’s employees.

manufacturing photography037

manufacturing photography038

manufacturing photography039

manufacturing photography040

manufacturing photography041

Environmental Product Photography

Spare Time in Trusville is a super cool bowling alley. These photos actually represent the furniture that is showcased at the bowling alley rather than the bowling alley its self. They want to be able to show their customers how their custom designed furniture can look when displayed properly. A lot of time and skill goes into designing this furniture and with the help of the interior designer a very cool look can be achieved. If you have a product that needs to be showcased in its environment, give us a shout, we can certainly help you out!

architectural photography045

architectural photography046

architectural photography047

Custom Graphic Design and Photography for your Marketing

By now you all know that kp studios is known for our photography skills but what you may no know is that we are a one-stop shop for your marketing materials and custom graphic design. We can create a custom look for you from your photography all the way to your print, web and other collateral materials. Take a look at what we created for AccuRX Pharmacy. They are a specialized pharmacy focusing on Nuclear Medicine and Compounding. In order to arm their sales team with the best possible materials we helped them create a one-of-a-kind pocket folder and customized sales sheet that tells about all the services they have to offer. Not only did we create the stunning imagery of their products, we laid out their sales pieces too!


Product Photography in Birmingham, AL – Products on White

product photogarphy on white - kp studios001

Are you looking for a local solution for your website e-commerce images. kp studios can handle your product photography no matter how large or small your products and no matter if you have 10 or 200. We also offer clipping services to ensure you get the clean white images your website deserves.

product photogarphy on white - kp studios002

product photogarphy on white - kp studios003

product photogarphy on white - kp studios004

product photogarphy on white - kp studios005

product photogarphy on white - kp studios006

Aldana Hot Sauces – Product Photography of Reflective Surfaces

Product Photography can be one of the hardest things to accomplish. I mean it seems simple, right? Until you try it. Especially when your products are shiny, reflective or made of glass, they start picking up all these weird shapes in the images and it can be hard to tell where the shadows and reflections are coming from. I have spent almost two days perfecting these images. So if you are trying to photograph your own products and are getting frustrated, you are not alone. It can be a daunting task. I think these turned out rather nice and I know my client was very pleased.



Product Photos with Commercial Vehicle Group

Another one of our specialties here at kp studios is product photography. Whether it is a unique, artistic, one-a-kind object or a product coming off an assembly line, we have the knowledge to make your product memorable and distinct to your clients and consumers. Here are some shots of our product session with Commercial Vehicle Group out of New Albany, Ohio. One line of products that Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG) produces is chairs for commercial vehicles. It was our goal with this session to not only make the chairs look as comfortable as possible to potential clients, but also display that these seats will stand the test of time as well.