Newborn Photography – Wall Portraits

Celebrate your new love by not only having him or her photographed but by displaying those beautiful images on the walls in your home. We love nothing more than to help our clients create custom newborn photography portraits for their home! Having the images is simply not enough, seeing them everyday and being able to enjoy those sweet faces looking back at you is what photography is all about.

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Expecting a baby? – Maternity Portraits

Are you expecting a new baby? Maternity Portraits are a great way to capture that special time in your life. Maybe this is your first or your last child, or just a time you want to remember. I know now that it feels like an eternity but after the baby arrives you will also to soon forget that feeling of life inside of you. Maternity portraits can be simple and stylish in the studio or on a location of your choice depending on the time of year that you are pregnant. The general rule of thumb is to photograph your baby bump around the 30 week mark. We want you to be pregnant enough to have a bump but not so pregnant that you are not feeling up to having your photograph made.

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Photographing Families with Older Children

We all think about having our babies photographed but what about when our children get older? It seems to slip our mind or we think we will do it next year. The next thing you know they have graduated and be off to collage. Don’t let this precious time slip you by and remember to document your families through all the stages of your life. About every 5 years is a good rule of thumb once your child or children pass the age of 5. So think about how long it’s been since you have photographed your older children? More than 5 years, give us a call!

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Baby Photography Birmingham

Looking to have your baby or toddler photographed. We can certainly help you out with your baby photography needs. With our spacious studio located off Valledydale Road and a large photography room, we have all the props and backgrounds you need to create a custom portrait of your bundle of joy. Check out little Mr. Cooper sporting his new ride!
1 Year Studio Session - kp studios001

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Senior Portraits Birmingham Alabama

When it comes to your Senior Portrait Session, Birmingham, AL, don’t settle for the images the school provides for you. Splurge a bit for a custom portrait session that is truly all about your senior. At kp studios we tailor all of our sessions to be about the people we photograph, you never get cheesy props or backdrops and the sky it the limit when planning your session portrait session. From a location session to a glamor model session or both, we can make that happen for you and your senior portraits.

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Document your new family – Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography - kp studios007 (1)Newborn Photography - kp studios008Your new baby will never be as little as he/she is in her first days of life. Here at kp studios we photograph newborn babies at the age of 5 -10 days new! We do this for several reasons but most of all to capture that new little one as soon as possible after birth. We want you to be able to remember all those sweet tiny little features simply because they change so fast!

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The 1 Year Milestone Portrait Session

The first year of a baby’s life has to be the hardest adjustment for every new and seasoned moms. The best way to celebrate this milestone is with a portrait session to commemorate all your hard work and to see how your baby has grown and transformed over the year! If you choose a baby plan you are sure to see the progress of your child’s growth. Check out this little fella. You can see in his collage how much he changed thought out his first year.

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6 Month Sibling Session

6 months has got to be the easiest time to photograph your little one! They are smiling, sitting up and making all new faces and expressions by this stage, it’s fun to capture and document their growing personalities. Trying to work in the older siblings can be a challenge but its a challenge we are always up for!

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6 month baby session - kp studios002

6 month baby session - kp studios003

6 month baby session - kp studios004

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1 Year Session – kp studios

I just love the 1 year session with the smash cake, real or fake! These sessions are so much fun and usually a right of passage for the 1 year old and sweets! Babies have so much personality by their first birthday its a joy to capture this moment, especially for mom! It takes a year to try and get your new life figured out and just when you think you have got it, it all changes,  yet again!

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3 Month Baby Session – kp studios

3 months can be a difficult time to photograph your little one, however if you didn’t get newborn pictures made this will be the best time to give it a shot. Babies between the ages of 1-2 months usually do not photograph well simply because this can be the most fussy times of their lives, trying to get acclimated to being in the world. They don’t sleep as deep as they do when they are first born so there for they are awake more and can be hard to get comfortable and happy.

Baby Lilly gave us her best at her 3 month session. Timing is key during the first few months and making sure they are full and happy and have had plenty of sleep help ensure a successful session with your new baby!

3 month baby session - kp studios001

3 month baby session - kp studios002

3 month baby session - kp studios003

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