5 Essential Wardrobe & Styling Tips To Make Your Child Actor Headshot Shine

5 Essential Wardrobe & Styling Tips To Make Your Child Actor Headshot Shine

A great headshot is one of the most important parts of landing your child an acting job. Although in our studio, we notice that most parents are unsure of what type of clothing and styling children need. We understand knowing where to start can be challenging, so we’ve rounded up our top Wardrobe & Styling Tips o Make Your Child Actor Headshot Shine! 

The Child Actor’s Role in the Headshot

The child actor’s role in the headshot is to capture the casting director’s attention. Therefore, they need to emote and connect with the camera while looking their best.

Consider having your child practice their acting skills before the big day. Help them learn how to project their emotions and work on facial expressions, such as happy, sad, quirky, silly, mad, etc. Practicing will help them feel more comfortable in front of the cameras and perform excellently.

What type of looks does my child need for their actor’s headshot?

Each look should convey a sense of your child’s personality. A few looks to consider are, 1) a polished version of your child’s natural look, how you see them every day. 2) a theatrical look, non-smiling shot, darker clothing options, and drama. 3) a commercial look, a happy smiling image showing expressive personality with fun bright colored clothing. 4) a quirky fun look; they are kids after all; something cute and funny is always a hit with casting directors. Lastly, if there are any specific roles you are trying to land, be sure to capture a look in line with the roles you want to book. 

Clothing essentials to bring to your child’s acting headshot appointment

Every child actor should have a few wardrobe essentials in their closet to make their headshot shine. 

  1. Simple, solid-colored shirts are always a good choice. 
  2. Think layering options such as jean jackets, zippered front hoodies, or colorful plaid or solid button-downs. Avoid clothing with large logos, as they can be distracting. 
  3. pair of well-fitting jeans or khakis are also a good option. But, again, avoid anything too loose or too tight. Solid colors are best, but a fun print can also work, depending on your child’s age.
  4. Accessories, think hats, glasses, bags, sporting equipment, skateboards, and items you already own that fit your child’s personality are always a great addition to your look. 
  5. Shoes: for boys, comfortable sneakers or loafers are a good choice; for girls, go with something fun shows that show their personality. Make sure the shoes are clean and stylish; old ratty tennis shoes should be left at home. 

How to Style your Child for their Actor Headshot

It is essential to style your child for their actor’s headshots naturally and timelessly. Avoid fads and trends that will date the photo quickly. If styling is not your thing, consider hiring a styling to assist with helping you choose your child’s wardrobe, hair, and makeup options—many studios offer styling as part of the headshot package.

Hair should be neatly styled but not too ‘done.’ And you should consider changing your child’s hair, if possible, with each look. For example, girls might have a side pony, braids or pigtails, straight-down natural hair, and maybe a beach wave look. Boys should have a ntural hair look, and if their hair length and style allow for it, other options to consider are a slick look like wet or sporty hair and a spikey punk look. But, again, natural always looks best. If your child has long hair, ensure it is out of their face, so it doesn’t obscure their features.

Makeup is super important to look very natural. Talent agents do not want to see a made-up child. If you can see the makeup, your child is wearing too much. Natural is key. Sometimes a few things might be necessary. For example, powder reduces shine, a slight blush to help hold natural cheek color, maybe a tiny amount of mascara or clear mascara to lengthen the eyelashes to help the eyes stand out, and blemishes correction, if necessary. These things are not always required; it depends on the child. However, anything more is too much and will turn off the agents. 

Hopefully, these tips will help you have a very successful child acting headshot photoshoot. kp studios specializes in child actor headshots. You may book a Free 15 Minute Consult or Schedule your appointment with us at https://calendly.com/kpstudios.

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