Are Headshots Considered Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography is photography that is intended to advertise a brand, a business, or a service. Professional headshots are part of this package since these images represent the people behind the company and its brand. So for most situations, yes, professional headshots are considered commercial photography.

However, headshots are only one aspect of commercial photography. Most businesses have a public-facing presence across multiple platforms and require various types of photographic content. Social media, for instance, involves content for your brand and business profile, like profile photos and banners. This content is also considered commercial photography.

Photos for advertising campaigns or branding photography is another form of commercial photography. Advertising is an important way to bring customers to your business, and for that, you will need compelling commercial photography. Hiring a commercial photographer to create images that fit your brand’s aesthetic is the best way to elevate your branding and increase the effectiveness of your overall marketing.

Another way companies use commercial photography is to showcase the manufacturing process or the warehouse functionality of the company and the staff. Industrial photography falls into the broad scope of commercial photography as well. Potential clients will want to see your state-of-the-art robotics or inventory technology and manufacturing processes. Whatever the case, you want to make sure that the photographs demonstrate your company’s professionalism and highlight your companies culture. For your commercial photography to do its job, it’s essential to hire a commercial photographer who has experience in various settings and conditions. 

As you can see, commercial photography encompasses a wide range of photography styles, and professional headshots do fall within this category. 

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