Are Tattoos Taboo?

Are Tattoos Taboo?


On a recent shoot with an HVAC and home services company, we encountered an interesting dilemma. Some of their employees have extensive tattoos. The company wondered if it would be better to show the tattoos in their photos or hide them.

Because tattoos can sometimes carry a stigma and prompt negative judgments. Covering them for corporate photos might be better for business, however, hiding the tattoos could also give a false impression. We would not want any of their customers to be surprised or alarmed if someone with a full sleeve of tattoos shows up at the door to fix their leaking faucet.

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Should we show the tattoos or not?

After debating this question with our clients, the consensus was YES; it is better to show the tattoos than hide them. 

We wanted to bring light to the fact that these folks are their actual employees and some of the nicest people you will ever meet. By showing their markings, we are saying, “Hey, it’s okay—these folks will do great work for you, tattoos or not.”

It’s 2021. Are tattoos still taboo in the workplace?

When portraying your business online, authenticity should always be a top priority. However, some industries still frown on tattoos as unprofessional. Employers at a high-end spa, a bank, or a law firm might want tattoos to be covered. The same goes for teachers, nurses, and childcare providers.

Whether or not to include tattoos in your corporate photos will depend on your company’s culture. If your corporate culture is focused on your employees, self-expression should be an important part of your business image. If your culture focuses on your customers, then catering to their preferences should take priority.

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On the fence? Schedule a consultation!

At kp studios in Birmingham, we strive to create a portrait that reflects your personality and professionalism. We can help you decide whether or not showing tattoos in your commercial photography is the right move for your business. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or learn more about our full range of corporate photography services.

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