Five Tips to help your Corporate Headshots on Location Run Smoothly

Five Tips to help your Corporate Headshots on Location Run Smoothly

Trying to organize headshots for your office can seem overwhelming; we get it. You are trying to coordinate the schedules of 20+ people simultaneously. Here are a few tips to help your corporate headshots on location run smoothly. 

Hire a corporate headshot photographer

Hiring a corporate headshot photographer is the best way to ensure you get high-quality, professional-looking photos and a smooth photography experience. The photographer will have the expertise and equipment to take great photos that capture your company’s branding and set your employees at ease. Be sure to communicate your company’s image and branding goals to the photographer before the photo shoot.

Price will vary depending on the number of people photographed and the session’s location. Also, ask about additional costs, such as travel fees, digital image files, and retouching. Again, you want to be sure you know what’s included in the price of your corporate headshot session.

When to Schedule Corporate Headshots

The hardest part of trying to photograph your entire office is scheduling. If the corporate headshots are being done at your office, the best time to schedule the headshots is in the morning, before the workday begins. People are typically fresh and well-rested in the morning. Try scheduling on days in-office meetings are already taking place or before a monthly meeting to ensure everyone can make the photoshoot. If you photograph 50+ employees, you will want to reserve an entire day for the photography, scheduling people to be photographed every 5-10 mins.

Another great time to consider having corporate headshots made is at a corporate event, luncheon, or awards dinner. Scheduling corporate headshots at a yearly event will allow more of your employees to be available on the same date and time, saving you time and money, especially if you have employees out of town.

How to choose the Right Location for Headshots

Choosing the correct location for your photoshoot is essential. Your photographer will need at least a 10ft x 10ft space, like a training room, meeting room, or large private area. Conference rooms or small offices do not give a photographer enough space because the furniture can not be moved easily. While a lobby may be large enough, there is not much privacy. Privacy is important because the subjects need to feel comfortable and not have an audience watching them be photographed. 

Get Organized for Your Session

With your corporate headshot photographer, determine your time and location. Then, you will start gathering your team and getting them ready for their headshots. Communicate all the details, giving them plenty of time (2-3 weeks or more) to prepare a new haircut/color. Tell them the expectations of the date, time, and what they need to wear.  

Set Branding Standards for Wardrobe for Company Headshots

You will want to direct your employees to wear clothing that aligns with your culture. For example, if you are a relaxed company, jeans and a button-down or blouse are suitable; if you are looking for a more professional yet casual look, consider a suit jacket and a button-down/blouse. And if you want to be top-notch, you can always dress it up by suggesting more formal attire or adding a tie. Ensure you communicate the clothing and colors your employees are expected to wear. Consider colors that reflect your branding that will look nice when placed on your website and social media marketing. 

Overall, having corporate headshots at your office or an alternative location can be a great way to capture professional portraits of your employees, making it easy for your team to attend. Remember to keep these few tips in mind, and with proper planning, you can ensure that your team loves their new look and that your photo shoot runs smoothly. 

kp studios is a Birmingham, Alabama-based corporate headshot photographer. Give us a shout if you are in the market for corporate headshots on location. We would be happy to help coordinate your next photo shoot. You can reach us at 205-410-0688 or schedule a FREE 15-MINUTE CONSULTATION NOW. 

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