Female Professional Headshots

Female Professional Headshots

We all know the importance of a great headshot, but what about the talented artists who make those killer professional headshots for women—especially. Great headshot photographers do more than set up lighting and choose the right lens; they help women find the best angles, capture personalities, and set clients at ease so everyone can get the most out of a session. But what makes a female client trust a professional headshot photographer for amazing photos every time.

kp studios has a proven reputation and have spent years developing our professional headshot style. We are known for creating an environment where women can feel and look their best in professional headshots. So how do we do it?  

The process of achieving a great female professional headshot

First of all, we are one of the only studios that offer hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling in our studio at the time of your session. We have been working with the same fantastic makeup artist for over 15 years, Tabitha Boyd. Styling is super important because we know her style, and she has a proven track record for helping all our female clients look their best on camera. Sometimes our clients feel nervous having someone else do their hair and makeup, but Tabitha knows how to apply makeup for photography and has a very natural approach. Her makeup aims to help our clients look their very best and not make them out to be someone they are not. Having a conversation and getting to know each client allows her to ask questions about you and what you like to ensure your best look. Working with a professional makeup artist also allows you time to relax and enjoy the process, and it gives you the confidence you need, and that radiates on cameras. Our female clients leave the session saying, “I feel like I have been a the spa, not a photo shoot.” We are women, helping women look their best.

2nd, the mood in our studio is comfortable and relaxing, and we never put a time limit on your session. We never want our clients to feel rushed. We allow plenty of time to become comfortable with us and the process, and we encourage multiple looks and outfits, so there is no question if you choose the right look. 

3rd, we give lots of directions and helpful tips along the way. We know exactly how to get our clients to move and feel at ease in front of the camera, resulting in fantastic female professional headshots. But don’t take our word for it; we show our clients their pictures as we shoot, so they know they love the outcome! And if for some reason we don’t love the look, no big deal. We change up what’s not working and take more images. How is that for 100% satisfaction?

Next, we help each female professional headshot client narrow down their images to the very best of the best. Seeing their pictures large on a tv screen and comparing images side by side takes the stress out of the decision-making process. Once we have our top selections, we do any fine editing necessary on the spot. Editing is usually the most favorite part of each session. We can magically make fine lines, wrinkles, scars; you name it to disappear! 

Finally, we deliver your female professional headshots to you via a dropbox link before you leave the studio. You have instant access to view, download, and share the images! Our process is truly one of a kind. 

As you can see, our process ensures that our female professional headshots are the absolute best! Our goal is for every client to be 100% happy with the outcome of their new headshots. So what are you waiting on? Book your female professional headshot today!

In the meantime, here are a few tips to help you prepare for your upcoming female professional headshot. If you have questions about any of the items below, do not hesitate to contact us at info@kpstudios.com.

Please see our Group Headshots page to download pricing for larger groups. 

Our recommendations are:

  • Styling – can make or break your photo; it’s essential that your hair, makeup, and clothing be on point for the best image possible.
  • Solid color tops – extensive patterns, decorations, etc., are distracting.
  • Well-fitted and tailored clothes – looser clothes will often make you look larger.
  • Avoid low cut front – this can look unprofessional if the top is too low cut.
  • Long sleeve – most women look best when their arms are not showing.
  • Proper undergarments – so that the bra and the straps are not visible with your outfit
  • Avoid see-through – check in the mirror how well the bra and your top work together; we do not want to see through your top.
  • Vibrant colors – are more attractive and make for a more exciting look.
  • Avoid wearing all black or white unless you have a particular goal or look in mind. 
  • Jewelry – keep jewelry timeless and simple. 

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