Getting the Most out of Your Acting Headshot

Getting the Most out of Your Acting Headshot

The purpose of an acting headshot is to see the soul in the eyes, to see spark, character, intensity- you cannot just pose if you want a casting director to respond well to your images.

Our job here at kp studios is to guide and direct you into getting the best shots. If you do not follow our direction, then your images will not be well received by agents who may be looking to sign you for future work.

Here are a few steps to follow to ensure your headshot season is a success:

Practice, practice practice. Look in the mirror and practice faces with emotion and looking through your eyes and bringing passion to the camera. We should be able to read your face think: fierce, happy, surprised, intense, or natural. You cant stand in front of the camera and give the same looks over and over, and it will get us nowhere. Think about your character as someone else and bring those characters to the camera.

2. No collared shirts and no pretty dresses. These are not school pictures. We need solid (think primary or bright, not soft and muted) colored t-shirts with no print, for both boys and girls. The pop of color brings attention to your face and emotion to the images. If you fail to bring the proper attire to your session, we cannot offer you a reshoot. If you are not sure what color is best to bring several options and we will help you choose.

We want you to be successful, and by following these guidelines, you will make your session the best it can be.

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