How is Commercial Photography Beneficial For My Business?

Commercial photography is the key ingredient needed to create impactful marketing materials

In recent years, companies have been allocating more and more marketing dollars towards the creation of new content. Commercial photography is the key ingredient needed to create impactful marketing materials, including websites, banner ads, social media presence, and brochures. 

Therefore, companies need to hire a commercial photographer to improve brand awareness, increase lead generation and enhance the customer experience. However, creating commercial photography is more than just clicking a button and having an image appear on your camera—it requires thoughtful planning, creative thinking, styling, location scouting, lighting, and so much more. 

Commercial photography is the art of creating images to sell or promote a product and/or service through magazines, digital advertising, websites, social media, brochures, and corporate publications. 

The main goal of a commercial photographer is to sell the product and visually communicate your product’s features and benefits. Commercial photographers showcase product(s) offered by your company in a very creative manner to grab the attention of potential customers. They use hard-earned camera skills, lighting techniques, complementary background choices, and locations to enhance the look and mood of their subject and products.

As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Therefore, hiring a commercial photographer is essential to enhance your brand awareness and corporate image. Once you have invested in commercial photography, the next step is to understand how to display the images to entice potential customers’ attention. 

3 Types of Commercial Photography Businesses Needs

Business-Focused Commercial Photography

Commercial photography helps to professionally showcase your products and services. As a result, your customer will have a better understanding of your business and the service or products you offer, while also providing a more professional look for your company. These types of images are lifestyle in nature.

Examples might include:

  • A business meeting in the stylish conference room
  • An appointment with a dream client
  • A quick chat over coffee in the break room
  • A technology shot
  • A creative process

These are inside of the business-focused pictures. For example, showing your dream clients what it looks like to work with you. 

Consumer-Focused Commercial Photography 

Creative photographs can create a long-lasting impression on potential customers and help increase overall sales. In addition, having consistent photographs over time will help increase brand awareness with your target audience. Examples of customer-focused commercial photography would include: 

  • The client happily using your product
  • The client’s perspective of your service
  • Images showing the benefit of your product or service
  • An aspirational image—the lifestyle the client will have if they use your product

Commercial Headshots for Your Entire Company

If your organization is conducting an event or meeting, you should consider hiring a commercial photographer to provide corporate headshots for your entire team. Commercial photographers bring their headshot studio to your event, allowing you to photograph all of your employees quickly and efficiently. Having a large group photographed individually on the same day of a company event is a significant cost saving over stand-alone headshots. An important corporate event is a perfect time to have all of your employees photographed with a unique, cohesive look. 

Combining several types of commercial photography allows your company to have a collection of creative images that will create a long-lasting impression on potential customers and help increase overall sales. In addition, consistently producing photos of your brand over time will increase top-of-mind awareness with your target audience. 

Commercial Photography Coverts More Customers

Finally, the most significant benefit commercial photography has for your brand is improving overall sales and conversions. Market research has proven that potential customers click on professional images more. So using commercial photography will convert more prospects to customers. 

So take a look at your brand, identify three goals, and don’t hesitate to hire a commercial photographer to help you with your brand identity, awareness, and conversion.

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