How Much Do Corporate Headshots Cost?

If you are an executive with a large team, you most likely want to uniformity your corporate headshots, especially true of any public-facing media, as a company “team” webpage. However, since you have an entire group of people who will all need photos, you undoubtedly wonder, “How much do corporate headshots cost for your group?”

The importance of having your entire team looking professional in a coherent style can’t be overstated. In addition, when pricing corporate headshots, it’s essential to consider the photographer’s quality. You don’t want to take a suspiciously inexpensive route and end up with unusable photos. 

The price of corporate headshots varies depending on the number of employees being photographed and what is included in your photography package.  Another consideration on price where the headshots will take place. Generally traveling to a photographer’s studio is less expensive than having the photographer travel to your office location. Keep in mind if you are having a photographer come to your office for corporate headshots, there may be a location fee. The location fee covers the cost of the photographer’s time, travel, equipment, assistant, and insurance. Remember – lighting is crucial for corporate headshots, so having the appropriate equipment is essential. Also, retouching may or may not be factored into the cost, which can alter the cost of the headshots quite a bit. 

You can expect to pay anywhere from $750- $100 or less per head, depending on how many people are being photographed. Generally, the more people photographed, the lower the rate per head. Therefore, if you have a smaller group (one-five), it might be more cost-effective to have your group travel to the photographer. However, if you have a larger group of (ten-twenty-five) employees, it might be more efficient to have the photographer travel to your location. To find a quality photographer, you may want to ask for a referral from a colleague or search online for a corporate headshot photographer. Whichever route you choose, be sure to check out the corporate headshot photographers’ work and online reviews. 

Be sure to hire a photographer specializing in corporate headshots who will spend time making sure each subject has a great expression, allowing time for your employees to see their images and choose their best picture at the time of the photography session. Having your employees select their images on-site allows for retakes if necessary. It avoids having displeased employees who request retakes that will have to be made later, costing more time and money.

If you have a much larger team (twenty-five +), you may want the photography process to go a little faster to get all of your corporate headshots done in one day, or you may choose to spread your corporate headshots out over multiple days. But, again, it’s essential to understand if you want quality over quantity when determining how to seclude your corporate headshots. 

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