How Much Does a Professional Headshot Cost?

If you browse enough professional headshot websites, you will find that professional headshots can vary from $75-$750. It can be confusing for someone who may not be familiar with commercial photography to figure out a reasonable price range for a professional headshot. Several factors come into play when pricing professional headshots.

You want to make sure you choose the right professional headshot photographer the first time. Working with an inexperienced photographer solely because their headshots cost less could leave you with unusable photos, wasted time, and money.

Here are a couple of things to take into consideration when pricing professional headshots: 

First, does the photographer offer multiple looks? Some headshot sessions include photographing a variety of looks giving clients more options to choose from for their final headshot. Because of the various setups, the cost of your headshot session may be higher. However, you have the opportunity to see and choose which photos you like best, often at the end of your headshot session. This opportunity also allows you to relax and get warmed up in front of the camera. Other headshot photographers may not offer multiple looks; you get one look, and you are done, take it or leave it. 

Does your headshots session include hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling? Using an on-site stylist helps you perfect your look while in front of the camera. If something is not working, they can change it on the spot if you have your styling done off-site and do not liek your look, theres not much than can be done to change it. 

Is professional retouching included in the cost of your headshot?  Most headshot clients opt for professional retouching, which adds to the price. Selecting multiple images from your session is another way the cost of your headshots will increase; however, choosing a professional headshot photographer that will allow you to see your pictures at the time of your session and only selecting the images you love ensures you are only paying for headshots you will use.

So when estimating the cost of a professional headshot, it’s essential to know what is included in the headshot session fee to determine your final headshot cost. 

With kp studios, each professional headshot session has a flat rate session fee, and you only purchase the images you love. So if you are looking for the best headshots possible with the opportunity for multiple looks, book your headshot today.