How Much Does Business Photography Cost?

Business photographers often charge on a per-project or per-day basis for their services to companies.

While certain photography services may charge an hourly rate, such as event photography, hourly pay is not how most photographers set their rates. Based on the scope of work, the business photographer may charge a day rate or creative fee for their time and talent to create a specific set of images for a business, or a photographer might charge a fee for each photo taken, which is standard for professional headshots.

Business photography pricing can have a wide range of costs depending on the scope of work, the number of images created, and the intended use for the photography. However, camera technology, new apps, and social media have helped revolutionize the business photography industry and how businesses do their photographic work. As a result, business photography services that were previously only available from highly professional photographers are now widely available from beginner or hobbyist photographers at far reduced costs. Therefore, hiring a business photographer for your brand based on low price rather than quality may be counterproductive.

A business photographer’s photo-shoot prices for product photography may vary from as little as $1000 for a modest product shoot too many thousands of dollars for large advertising campaigns for worldwide businesses. As a result, planning, coordination, and completing large projects might take many weeks or even months before the finished deliverables are ready for the client.
A business photography session has two distinct cost segments: Fees and Expenses.

Fees are the amount of money a business photographer collects to deliver photos that meet the client’s specifications. That may include:
Creative Fee or Day Rate (the cost for the photographer’s time and talent for photography)
Usage License (the fee for the use of imagery)
Planning and preparation fees
Location scouting
Tech scouting
Travel charges

An additional charge for the day following the shoot includes gear and props returns and vendor payments.
Post-processing charge (the time you spend sorting and fixing photographs and providing them to your customer)

All of the resource costs that go into a shoot are included in expenses. Some of them may have:

So the complexity of your shoot will determine the final pricing. It is essential to discuss all the details with your business Photographer to get an accurate estimate for your business photography needs. On average, a business photographer’s creative fee may range from$1000-$5000 or more per-day, plus any of the extras listed above that apply to your project.

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