How often should i update my website photography with a commercial photographer?

Every business owner needs to have professional headshots, corporate group photographs and or around the office photography for use in their website. These can also be in use in general advertising. It is important for any business person to ensure that they are photographed by a commercial photographer.

Commercial photographers have a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to creating compelling images for different types of businesses. A headshot intends to market a person and brings into light the character and profession of the individual or individuals in the photography. Using professional commercial photographers will ensure that one receives creative imagery branded for their business.

A knowledgeable photographer should ask many questions and get to know your business before shooting your imagery. Some things you might want to consider are:

Focus on the brand of the company
The headshot or corporate group photograph should be able to give people an idea of the type of business that one carries. It should let people know that it is for business purposes and not just a random photograph. It should shot to blend with their current marketing materials of their already established brand or be shot to help the company create a new brand.


Good corporate photography is inviting as they keep the viewer curious to know more about subject. With the use of quality composition and lighting as well as expression, a corporate image will engage your target clients into your marketing materials.

There is the question of how often people should update their website photography with a commercial photographer. One can change their headshots and or corporate group photos from few months to a year. There are several things that will determine how often one needs to change or update his or her headshots as well as corporate group photographs.

Notable change in physical appearance
If one goes through highly notable changes in their physical appearance, they need to make sure they update their website photography and headshots. These changes can be a new haircut from long to short hair or a drastic change in the hair color.

Change in the line of business and nature of business
There are people who might branch into a different line of business or even include other businesses in their already existing company. If this happens, business people need to have an update of their site photography with a commercial photographer to ensure that their headshots express and represent their current line of business and brand.

Addition or removal of certain corporate members
For corporate group photography, there is need to update the website and or marketing materials when there is addition of new members or the removal of older members. This will ensure that the site visitors get to know the corporate group as it is presently without the omission of certain members or the inclusion of those not in the businesses anymore.

One can therefore update their website photography with a commercial photographer depending on the changes in the business structure as well as appearance. Also after about 1 to 2 years at the most its best to refresh your images to keep your audience engaged and from getting bored with your content. Choosing to hire a commercial photographer is not as costly as one might think and employing the services of a professional will be best for the overall marketing of your business.


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