How to Choose the Right Background for Corporate Photos

How to Choose the Right Background for Corporate Photos

Never underestimate the importance of the background in your corporate photography. Distracting backgrounds can completely ruin an image! Whether you’re shooting portraits, products, or lifestyle images for your website, you should always focus on the background first. <

Using the Background to Your Advantage

When we’re planning a shot, we always make sure to take the background into account. Depending on what is behind our subjects, we can create a blurry background to ensure the distracting things don’t steal the focus from you. If you’ve got a background that is attractive but not a scene-stealer, we’ll be sure there’s a good balance. We’ll work with your designated decision-maker to finalize all the details and get the shot exactly right.

We can also incorporate elements of your website’s design into the background. By choosing backgrounds in the same color scheme or location, we can
create images that perfectly match your brand. We always take time to style the set, light the subject, and choose the right background so that your photos will set you apart from the competition.

How to Choose the Right Background for Corporate Photos

Company Headshots

Distracting or complicated backgrounds could come across as unprofessional! A plain background that matches your company’s branding will help inspire confidence and make a good first impression. Shooting on-site at your workplace is also a great way to give your business headshots authenticity and believability.

Product Photography

Whether you decide to go with a single-color background, a textured background, or a more dynamic, blurred background, always hire a professional for product photography. Coherent, well-light product shots will help you connect with your ideal customers and showcase your unique inventory.

Advertising & Branding

From web content to social media ad campaigns, every image you use online should reflect your brand and promote your company. Using a consistent background style for all of your photos shows your professionalism and makes your brand more recognizable.

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