Image is Everything In Any Business

Image has a lot to do with how businesses are perceived. However, image is what gets clients and customers in the door. Product is what keeps them coming back. Just how headshots speak volumes to clients even before they meet you in person, how your product is perceived, whether through an Internet source or an advertisement on paper, is a deciding factor in the product’s success. Many people think that because they have smaller businesses or trade in used products that product imagery is not important. However, it does not matter if you are selling homemade jam or hundreds of new cars. These are products, they are your brand, and you have a deciding hand in whether they are successful or not by either giving them a tarnished image or one that shines like the sun. Customers will be drawn to anything, used or not, if they think it is something cool and new. In these product images from an America’s Thrift store for Kinectic, we show what is “used” can be “new” again!




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