Types of Industrial Photography

Industrial photography requires industrial photographers to capture many different photographic images. These shoots can be highly complex and require specialized skill and experience to have a successful shoot. kp studios has been creating beautiful images for different industrial and manufacturing locations for years. 

Many different types of industrial photography fall under the umbrella of commercial photography: a commercial photographer services in-house marketing and advertising teams, advertising agencies, and design firms. Ideally, you want to select a commercial photographer who provides comprehensive services from talent and location scouting to digital post-production manipulation with a specialty or a substantial portfolio specifically for industrial photography.

Commercial photography includes :

  • Advertising photography
  • Product photography
  • Business Headshots
  • Food photography
  • E-commerce photography
  • Lifestyle photography
  • Architectural photography
  • Corporate photography
  • Portrait photography
  • Industrial Manufacturing photography

Industrial photography has one primary objective: to show the quality of the manufacturing process and tell the story of the methods used to create the projects produced by the client. In addition, your advertising campaign needs to stand out in a crowded marketplace with many competitors. Potential clients are inundated with flashy advertisements online and catchy billboard images; your advertising campaign needs to stand out – that is why it is essential to hire a seasoned industrial photographer with a successful track record in the advertising arena.

Industrial photography and in-house marketing materials help to bolster the brand image and company mission statement. In addition, top-notch industrial photography helps unify employees and develop team spirit while clearly outlining company policies and procedures. When researching industrial photographers, look for a company with experience in industrial photography and an in-house team of stylists and post-production editors ready for the photoshoot. Choosing a company that can handle all your needs will help cut production costs and time to complete the project.

A photograph is typically the best chance you have to make a first impression on a potential new client trying to decide to do business with you. If you have an industrial company, it’s essential to capture the company’s core- in its best light. Hence, potential clients know exactly what they are getting when they potentially decide to spend millions of dollars. 

The great thing about choosing a full-service industrial photographer is that they will handle every detail of your project, from pre-production to post-production. All you have to do is communicate your core values. When you first meet with an industrial photographer, make sure you are very clear on the overall message you want to send with the photograph. But also be open to any suggestions they may have; take advantage of their years of experience and trust your professional photographer!



Hiring a professional photographer specializing in Industrial Photography is likely to become one of the essential marketing assets at your disposal. Having fantastic imagery to hand will make your marketing activities more effective and save time hunting down a decent image. Listed below are a few types of industrial photographs your company might consider capturing:

  • Employee focused images
  • Employer focused images
  • Document your processes
  • Showcase unique techniques
  • Images of the final product
  • Inventory and storage of product
  • Shipping and Receiving 
  • Transport
  • Headshot of employees
  • Group shots of teams 
  • Lifestyle images of clients using your product

Alabama Deaf and Blind Industrial Photography Case Study

The industrial photography below were shot for The Alabama Institue for the Deaf and Blind (AIDB). AIDB hired Kp studios to help them showcase the incredible talent of their employees. Seventy-five percent of their workforce is vision or hearing impaired or both. In addition, they have a very sizable contract with the U.S. Government. They sew backpacks, day packs, neckties, and cleaning supplies for the U.S. Military. AIDBs main goal is to give the deaf and blind community a sense of purpose and create an environment where their workers can thrive and earn independence from being employed and living a self-sufficient life. 

We were personally in awe of the talent and craftsmanship shown by the AIDBs team of talented deaf and blind individuals. AIDB used the photography created to promote their program to recruit other deaf and blind employees and showcase their work quality and products to attract other potential contacts. New and existing contracts are vital in keeping this fantastic organization running like a well-oiled machine. 

Kp studios has years of experience in industrial commercial photography. We know how to compose and light shots in industrial environments and draw on creative talent and well-honed technical skills to produce stunning images to build a library of photos and a valuable visual asset to any industrial manufacturing brand. kp studios is constantly aware of needs and safety requirements for different locations. As a result, we can complete assignments and create amazing images while causing minimal disruption to the job site. Because Kristie has the experience and know-how to organize and coordinate a crew, she will ensure the shoot is successful. 

Whichever area of industrial photography you need, make sure you choose a reputable industrial photographer with extensive experience.

 If you would like to chat about your upcoming project, we encourage you to schedule a 15-minute consultation with us to explore new photographic opportunities with you.

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