Industrial Manufacturing Photographer – New Jersey

Industrial Manufacturing Photographer – New Jersey

Industrial Refrigeration – How do you photography cold?

kp studios had the pleasure of traveling to New Jersey for this particular industrial photography photoshoot!

RD&S builds massive refrigeration systems, ships, and installs them worldwide. It’s no small task to build large skid systems to refrigerate an entire warehouse of food and perishable items. Industrial photography is a challenge simply because what you are shooting is a large machine and generally not very attractive. It is the photographer’s job to find an interesting way to tell the story of the massive machines and make them attractive all at the same time! Sometimes it’s very hard to showcase “a cold room” per se because at the end that is what the final product is for their clients. However, the process, knowledge, and expertise of RD&S are what truly sets them apart from their competition. So, ty that’s exactly is what we decided to showcase as their experienced industrial refrigeration photogpher

industrial headshots019

industrial headshots018

industrial photography kp studios015

manufacturing photography042

industrial photography kp studios016

industrial photography kp studios017

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