The kp studios Advantage

The kp studios Advantage


Professional Setup

Taking time out of your busy schedule for photography is hard enough. We do everything we can to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Whether on-site, or on-location, or in-studio, you can count on kp studios to be ready to capture you at your best.

Expert Lighting

We know what works best regardless of the setting – large rooms, small rooms, or outdoors. We get the best possible image with natural lighting, flash, or a combination. The right lighting and shadow are crucial for setting the mood of the image, and you can count on us to capture the right mood.

An Eye for Details

The camera catches everything, so your photographer better be able to as well. We can help you pick the perfect location for your photography needs, spot anything out of place, and direct your pose to get the most striking image possible.

In-House Stylist

Photography isn’t just about shutter speeds and lighting – it’s about the subject. Making you look your best for the camera is our stylist’s specialty. Take a look for yourself at her site:

Creative Vision

Lighting, styling, framing, and scene all come together in a coherent vision for every image we provide you with. Many digital edits can be done while you wait, and others can be done within a day or two. Regardless of where you are using your image, you can rest easy knowing that kp studios is on the job.


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