Large & Small Group Photography –

Large & Small Group Photography –

Large Group Photography is quite difficult only because trying to coordinate 15-20 important people’s busy schedlues all at the same time is near impossible. Here at kp studios we make it easy to coordinate and schedule a group photograph when dealing with large groups. How you ask? We simply set up a few different times and dates to accommodate all parties involved and we photograph them individualy and then digitally put them together.

This is very time consuming for the photographer. Generally there are multiple setups on different locations, the photoshop time it takes to prepare each image, and the final digital processing of making it look right once its all put together.However for the client its very fast and efficient and can accommodate most everyone and their busy schedule.

Another befit of photographing large groups this way is that it allows for the group image to last much longer than if they were all photographed together. Since everyone is photographed individually if someone leaves or is added to the group all we have to do is up date the file and remove a person or just photography the one new person and put him/her in the photo and there is no need to get the whole group back together again.

Here is an example of a team of doctors that we photographed this way. large group photography020

large group photography021

This process also works well for smaller groups too!

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios030

corporate enviromental headshots kp studios008

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios029

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios031

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios032

studio headshots for your team_ kp studios033

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