Location Environmental Headshots for Businesses

Location Environmental Headshots for Businesses

Location headshots, also known as environmental headshots, can be challenging to create but offer an attractive look if you are trying to get away from the standard headshot background. First of all, finding a lovely location is the biggest challenge. Shooting in your office or at your desk can have a nice look and feel; however, be prepared to move some items around in your office and declutter the bookshelves to create a more attractive image. In addition, photographers can often stage a shot using a low aperture (make it more blurry), so the background is less noticeable and gives interest without taking away from the subject. You might also consider shooting in other office areas to create a unique look. Some suggestions to consider are large windows allowing for natural light, down a long hallway for added depth, or in a lobby or common area on the main floor of a multi-tenant building.

An essential first step is to a great environmental headshot is to schedule a meeting with your photographer to discuss your photography needs and the look and feel of what you are trying to accomplish. Next, you will want your photographer to scout the location(s). Taking a look a where the shoot will take place beforehand will help you and your photographer get a better idea of styling the shot. If your office is not suitable for the portraits, it might be necessary to secure an alternate location. For example, you might use a local country club or hotel with unique interior design and decor to enhance the look and feel you are trying to create. A professional environmental headshot photographer will have some ideas and tips to help you find the perfect location for your environmental headshots. Together, you will select the ideal location for your environmental headshot.

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