One reason you might be losing bids!

One reason you might be losing bids!


A small investment pays off BIG! 

Our client RD&S, were bidding on million-dollar contacts, which they were fully capable of handling, but they weren’t winning the bids. They would get to the end of the RFP process and find out the job had been awarded to a far less qualified company, and many times for a higher price. After many frustrating failed bids they knew something was off in their marketing. They reached out to kp studios to help them figure out how new imagery could help them.

industrial headshots birmingham al
Kevin Thomas, P.E. Director of Project Engineering

We worked directly with the RD&S’ marketing team to review their content. We found that the design and the images on their website told the story of a mom and pop-type company that was small. Their prospects did not have the confidence that RD&S could handle such large projects.

We flew out to New Jersey and interviewed some of their best customers to help us tell the story of a highly-qualified company with long-standing relationships. We created fresh new images and gathered testimonials and suggested a revamped website design. RD&S’s fate changed forever.

Old Mom & Pop Website
New updated Website

Once the new site was launched, they started winning bids and turning lost opportunities into really BIG money, almost overnight.

Current Customers to Date

Now when their potential customers research RD&S they stand out as the BEST company for the job because their marketing tells their true story.

What story is your website telling?

Is it costing you, customers? You will find that by investing a relatively small amount of money into new photography, current content, and a refreshed web design your company will attract your best customers!

It can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out what images and content you need for your website and marketing. Time and again when our customers make relatively small investments in photography for their website, it pays off BIG.

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