Our executive team has headshots. That’s all we need.

Our executive team has headshots. That’s all we need.

Our executive team has headshots. That’s all we need.

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That’s a great question. While a great headshot is essential, and everyone in business should have one, most times a headshot alone is not enough.


Good question. Your website and marketing images need to tell your company’s story. For example, in the banking industry, your executive headshots are essential for the site. To complement your headshots, your company should consider creating other images to help shape your brand and convey your relationship with your customers.

Some examples of this type of photography might include a:

  • Shot of a friendly teller or receptionist greeting a client
  • Personal-one-on-one meeting with a small business
  •  Shot of your team in their environment

These types of images allow your customers to get to know your team on a more personal level.

You might also consider contacting some of your best customers and asking them to participate in a joint photoshoot at their location. Talking about others and letting their story shine is more impactful than talking about yourself.

Other ideas for marketing images include:

  • New products like a mobile app, check scanner, etc.
  • A business customer banking from the comfort of their office
  • A busy mom banking at your ATM

As you can see, there are many different opportunities to create memorable images that will allow a greater connection with your customers, above and beyond a headshot.

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