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kp studios specialize in acting & modeling headshot portfolios. We are continually working with local and regional agents so we don’t have to guess what they are looking look for – we know. Our commercial photography experience informs the way we style images and create the right look and feel. It’s important for an acting headshot to show off personality because agents want to know what kind of attitude they can get from their talent. In contrast, a modeling shot has a much more glamorous look and feel.

Our process is much different from other studios. We work with you to give you the most desirable images. We show you the images while you are here to ensure that you like what you see, and we even help you pick the very best ones to be edited. Generally, we can edit them and deliver them to you the same day. How’s that for 100% satisfaction?

What makes us uniquely different is that we offer on-site personal wardrobe styling, hair and make-up for boys, girls, men & women. Enhancing natural beauty is foremost in the mind of makeup artist Tabitha Boyd as she works with our clients. Her 20+ years experience as an international model gives her a creative edge when it comes to styling our top talent. Her strong eye for detail keeps our images pristine when working with actors, celebrities, dignitaries, politicians and rock stars. Styling truly takes your images to the next level!


lifestyle portfolio


Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Hair and Make-up +$250

  • 4 Looks
  • 10 Digital Images Retouched
  • All Images from Session
  • Same Day Delivery


Acting portfolio


Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Hair and Make-up +$250

  • 4 Looks
  • 10 Digital Images Retouched
  • All Images from Session
  • Same Day Delivery


1 look


Personal Wardrobe Stylist, Hair and Make-up +$150

  • 1 Look
  • 3 Digital Images Retouched
  • All Images from Session
  • Same Day Image Delivery
All deposits are non-refundable but transferable if your appointment is rescheduled within 24hr. Failure to reschedule in a timely manner will result in loss of deposit.

Here are a few tips on how to pick the right session:

  • If you are new to the acting scene and need a headshot to start promoting yourself to book jobs, 1 Look is perfect for you. Get your feet wet and when you have some training under your belt and you are ready to go after an agent, then you can upgrade to the portfolio package.
  • If you have been in acting/modeling for a while and have been taking classes and are ready to take your talent to the next level and go after an agent, or you already have an agent, you are ready for one of our Portfolio Packages. The portfolio pacakges ensure you have many different looks to appeal to a wide range of agencies and to show off all your talents. 

But which portfolio package is right for me? There are two to choose from, help!

If you are more interested in acting for tv, short films, movies, and theatre, then the studio Acting Portfolio is a great fit. You will get a collection of 4 different looks, close up headshots and a couple of full body standing shots. We will give you a range of smiles and moody shots to covey your talent. You can choose to be styled by our stylist or style yourself.

If you are more focused on modeling, print adverting and tv commercials then you definitely want to go with the Lifestyle Portfolio. This session is exactly what you will be doing when you are working on set for local advertising agencies and for national campaigns. The “slice of life” style images are photographed outdoors with more scenic views with lots of energy and motion, along with some beauty and glamour shots. We will meet at the studio to get you styled by our top stylist,  then we will head out to various locations to create the magic. Our stylist stays on set the entire time ensuring you look your best for each look. These sessions are only available to start between 3-4pm so that we may end your session at the perfect golden hour, for the best light possible.

add-ons + Extas

8x10 Prints | $5

Headshots prints printed On-site, during your appointment.

Slate Shots | $25

A slate shot is a 5-7 sec video of the actor. The actor will state his/her name, city where they live, their age, and their agent, if they have one.

Additional Images | $25

Additional digital retouched files may be added onto any package.

What should i bring?


Bring 3 more options than you need. We will NOT photograph all of your outfits. We simply want our stylist to have plenty to work with when helping you put your looks together. Think about the roles you would like to play and how those characters dress. Keep the clothing simple with pops of color and think layers.


Jewelry is not needed for acting session however makes a touch for the lifestyle sessions. Think scarfs, belts, hats headbands and other accessories give your images a fun twist.


Please bring one full head-to-toe outfit, including shoes. For the majority of the images shoes are not necessary and will not be seen.


If you are using our stylist please come with a clean face with no SPF, she will take it from there. If you are styling yourself please keep makeup natural looking and age appropriate. Mascara, lip gloss, powder and blush.



Please dry and style your hair how you normally wear it. If working with the stylist she will take it from there and have everything on hand you will need. If you are styling yourself, you will need to change your hair for each look. Please bring hair accessories for girls and gel for boys. Pleaes do not arrive with wet hair.


Bring your awesome personalities and lots of energy. No need to worry we are here to help you get into character and have a ton of fun!

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