Professional Headshots and Your Business

Professional Headshots and Your Business

Some people may wonder what is the importance of having a professionally-designed headshot?

Clients tend to do business with those they feel like they have a personal connection with, that they like upon their first impression, and that they feel they can trust. Having a professional headshot helps people connect to you on a personal level, way before they may ever meet you in person. Customers will spend hours going through photographs on your website, only occasionally reading the accompanying text. Headshots are also great to use on social media websites, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, as a greater way of connecting with your future customers. Your photo should be the same one across all your social media, on your website, your marketing collateral, business cards, email signature, job proposals, and speaking engagements.

A professional headshot may be the first impression you make with a potential client. A professionally photographed headshot is going to send a different message to a client, a message that means you are serious about doing business, rather than the message a headshot a friend or family member of yours may have taken with a camera they have on hand. Quality headshots personalize your business and can take you a step ahead of your competition.

Wondering how headshots can make that professional impression. Just look at these examples we shot recently.

Need more convincing? Click here to see more headshots from kpstudios:


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