Professional Headshots: Self Styling vs. Professional Styling

Professional Headshots: Self Styling vs. Professional Styling

Today we want to show you the difference between self-styling and professional styling. Meet Krist Austin, a fabulous graphic designer. She came to us needing a professional headshot for her new business Kristi Austin Creative. If you need an amazing graphic artist, check her out! We asked that Kristi come self-styled for her photoshoot, we took her picture. Then our fabulous stylist, Tabitha Boyd, got to work. 

Which Image looks best?

When asking yourself, 
"Do I Really Need Styling?" 
consider these four things:

1. Before and After. 

When you look at the before and after shots above, you can clearly see the difference. Small details have a significant impact on the final results. Styling is about all the little details that make a huge impact on your final image.


2. Coordinating the Shot. 

Our stylist does a lot more than fix your hair and makeup, and she works with men too! Tabitha helps to coordinate the entire shoot, from wardrobe and makeup to color coordination of backgrounds, props, and so much more.


3. Planning Your Wardrobe.

Wearing the clothes that you would normally wear to work might not always be the best way to represent yourself in a photoshoot. Our stylist can help you choose the right colors and outfits to wear to look your best in front of the camera.


4. Feeling Confident.

Many people have trouble feeling comfortable and confident in front of a camera. However, styling will set you at ease, allowing you to portray the confidence and trustworthiness you offer to your clients.



As you can see, styling plays a crucial role in bringing your entire look together. No matter what type of business you’re in, you need 

corporate headshots that reflect your professionalism. Your professional headshots should portray you as the qualified, competent, experienced business person that you are. Styling ensures your first impression is the best it can be.

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