3 Reasons You Might Not Need Professional Styling

3 Reasons You Might Not Need Professional Styling

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Many businesses wonder if including a stylist in their commercial photography budget is worth the investment. The next time you get ready to jump in front of the camera, ask yourself these three questions: Are you a makeup artist, a fashionista, or an interior designer?


1: Are you a professional makeup artist? 

Stylists understand how light affects makeup and know how to apply makeup for photography. If you are a professional makeup artist, you might not need a stylist.


2: Are you a fashionista?

A stylist can help you choose the right clothes and the right colors for your professional photo session. If you know precisely what to wear, and you’re used to having your photo taken, you might not need a stylist.


3: Are you an interior designer?

Is your office modern, elegant and styled? Stylists help set the stage for your photos. This sets the tone for the image your business portrays. If your office furnishings are modern, elegant, and updated, you might not need a stylist.


If you answered “yes” to all three questions, you probably don’t need a stylist. However, most businesses can benefit from the talents of an experienced stylist.

When you hire a stylist, you’re hiring a professional who wants to help you look your very best. Your stylist will make sure you have the perfect makeup and hair, they’ll help you make the best decision on what to wear, and best of all, a stylist pampers you. You look like a star, feel fantastic, and are more confident in front of the camera. 

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