Taking Pictures vs. Creating Images

Taking Pictures vs. Creating Images

Anyone who knows how to operate a camera can take a picture, but a good photographer knows that a lot more goes into creating an image than meets the eye. 

The pictures on your website directly influence your customers’ level of interest in your products and their confidence in your brand. Creating strong images is especially important for your advertising campaigns and product photography.

Make a Visual Impact

You need more than just a snapshot to catch someone’s attention or outshine your competitors. Creating a well-lit, expertly styled, carefully composed image takes both practice and skill. Don’t leave this task up to anyone but a true professional.

The more design work that goes into creating an image, the more striking that image will be. For effective commercial lifestyle and product photography, you need a photographer that will:

  • compose the shot
  • style the scene
  • set up the proper lighting
  • follow your vision

At kp studios, we always take time to style the set, light the subject and the background, and create the desired look and feel no matter what the location throws at us. Our images will highlight your expertise, help you connect with your customers, and set you apart from your competition.

Ready to Book a Session?

Let your images do the talking! For photography that reflects your brand and tells your story, contact kp studios in Birmingham. We offer a full range of corporate photography services, including advertising and branding campaigns, commercial lifestyle photography, and onsite corporate headshots. 

Contact us today to schedule a consultation or book your first session. We look forward to meeting you!


So, book a consult, and, in the meantime,
Download 7 Tips for a Hassle-Free Photoshoot,
so you can stop using images that ma
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get photos of your confident, successful business.

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