The Secret to Improving Your Luck: Update your Professional Headshot

The Secret to Improving Your Luck: Update your Professional Headshot

According to conventional knowledge, Luck is a game of chance, analogous to rolling a pair of dice. Perhaps someone you know always appears to get the most fantastic job offers, has a brilliant concept, or seems to have the best relationships.

Richard Wiseman, a professor of psychology at the University of Hartfordshire in the United Kingdom, has been researching how Luck affects our lives.

According to Wiseman, “Extroversion is substantially higher among lucky people.” They are twice as likely to smile and make more eye contact. Their friendliness, according to Wiseman, helps individuals boost their chances of more lucky opportunities by allowing them to meet more people, connect better, and establish relationships. 

Three tips to increase your Luck

  1. Maintain an open mind. Keeping an open mind and exploring new options can lead to unexpected opportunities.
  2. Consider the bright side. Only focusing on the negatives lowers your mood and expectations for the future. 
  3. Do something out of the ordinary this week. Routines, whether it’s talking to the same people, eating the same food, or doing the same type of work, can lead to ruts. Stepping outside your comfort zone enhances your chances for a lucky break.

The secret to improving your Luck is to try more things. Take chances. Reach. Try. When you succeed, you’ll know you made your Luck. We are lucky to have wonderful clients like you! Of course, your referral is the best compliment. 

So, if you or someone you know is looking to meet more people establish relationships, there is no better way to connect than with a newly updated headshot. Schedule your lucky headshot today!

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