Often I am asked, why do you need an assistant? I am here to tell you the value a great assistant can bring to your photoshoot. First off, my assistant allows me to work faster. What does this mean for my client? Money saved! How does spending money on an assistant save me money? Great question. You see, she speeds up the photoshoot and allows me to get more frames per day. My assistant, in turn, saves you money and gives you more excellent value for your budget by allowing me to focus on the photography and not all the behind the scenes set up.Without my assistant, I would have to do all the set up and all the dealings with the client. We would have way less work to show for our efforts.

Second, she is my partner in crime, a sounding board, and another visual artist helping me make decisions about specific setups, and she sees things that I might miss. Two heads are better than one.

Finally, she’s my coordinator, helping me keep up with file naming, shot lists, and all the other details that go to producing a commercial photoshoot. As you can see, an assistant plays a vital role in helping your shoot run smoothly.

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