{Video} Why styling is a necessary part of your photoshoot!

{Video} Why styling is a necessary part of your photoshoot!

Hey guys and gals, I’m Kristie with KP studios and I’m here to talk to you about why styling is an important part of your photo shoot. As a commercial headshot photographer, we have stylists in the studio all the time and a stylist’s job is to ensure that you look your best. A stylist is not just for women, it’s for men too. A stylist’s job is to make sure, not only does the makeup look good, to smooth out any fine lines, wrinkles, blemishes, anything like that. But also, having that stylist here, it also helps ensure confidence. When you have confidence, that just radiates in your picture.

So these images, they’re for your brand and we’re going to use them for two to five years. Some people like to use them for 20, but the recommended age is probably two to three years. So when you have the stylist, and they’ve done your hair, and they’ve done your makeup, and they know the latest trends on wardrobe and they’ve helped you pick the perfect outfit, all of this is going to radiate and show on camera. Having a stylist, just ensures that you look your best and ensures your brand looks its best. Until next time, have a great day.

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