We have the magic touch when creating headshots!

We have the magic touch when creating headshots!


We work differently than most commercial photographers. Why is this important to you? Because we are efficient with your time and we value your opinion. Showing you your images on-site as they are taken, color balancing, cropping, and helping you select the perfect image(s) at the time of your session are just a few ways we can help you create a fantastic new headshot. After all, NO ONE LIKES GETTING THEIR PICTURE TAKEN, so why drag out the process, when it’s not necessary.

After we have selected an image you like, we then turn it into a photograph you LOVE. How, you ask? WE CALL IT OUR MAGIC TOUCH! We wave our magic wand (literally a pen tool we use in photoshop) over your picture and voilà; all your minor imperfections and blemishes magically disappear. (Really, it takes some expertise and years of training, but we make it look super magical.)


“Working with Kristie and Tabitha was incredible. It was the best experience I’ve ever had having my picture taken. The styling was great, the environment was comfortable, the whole process was easy, and they actually asked my opinion about things instead of just doing The Standard Headshot Thing. This is the first time I’ve ever had a headshot that really looks like the way I feel inside. I love it all.” ~ Caperton G.

Most of our clients are WOWED by our magic touch. They say things like; If I had known you could fix my [insert your insecurity here], I would not have waited so long to be photographed.

Did you know we can fix things like yellowing or chipped teeth, blemishes, uneven eyebrows, bumpy skin, stray hairs, fine lines, wrinkles, and chubby cheeks, to name a few. We also take special requests.

Sadly, not everyone has our magic touch. Many times retouching may not even be an option, or it comes at an unexpected additional cost. So, before you book your next photoshoot, make sure you understand the process and what’s included.

Until next time, we hope you enjoyed the magic show!


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