What Are The Duties Of A Commercial Photographer?

Commercial photographers create images for businesses to help promote and advertise their products and services. Images created can include Interiors and Exteriors of Buildings, materials, processes, goods, personnel, and services, to name a few. The photos may also have a wide range of usages, such as publications, annual reports, commercials, video/media products, websites, and marketing. Commercial Photographers may also specialize in a particular field, such as industrial, fashion, studio, or headshots. Successful commercial photographers’ talents are creativity, understanding of photographic equipment, attention to detail, interpersonal and communication skills, and the ability to build a distinct style.

The following are some of the duties of a professional commercial photographer:

• Planning, Coordination, Scheduling, and Management of Photoshoots
• Hiring talent, staff, and assistants
• Maintaining photographic equipment
• Editing Photos
• Communication Skills for working with clients
• Capacity to work flexible schedules to satisfy the needs of clients
• Knowing to be adaptable to light subjects in unique environments
• Being able to lift, stand and handle large/heavy equipment
• Management and marketing abilities to maintain a small company
• Networking

Each type of commercial photographer requires a different set of skills; for example, Commercial studio photographers operate in photography studios, capturing images of items or people in advertising campaigns. Studio photographers prefer to work in a controlled setting in a studio rather than in a location where unpredictable situations are present. Their work may be done as self-employed photographers or as employees of a photography company.

Studio photographers require excellent photography abilities and a thorough grasp of lighting techniques. Photographers who specialize in portraiture must communicate well with their clients. To be successful, they must put consumers at ease, connect with them, and make someone feel at ease and natural in front of the cameras.

Product photographers must have strong creative abilities to capture images that educate or arouse interest in the product. Studio photographers must also possess strong organizational skills to arrange their work to get the most out of their studio time. Independent photographers must also have strong management and marketing abilities to maintain a small company and obtain customers.
Commercial photographers specializing in shooting on location must be well adapted in their camera and lighting abilities and have a range of light modifiers to help control the light to fit the photography style and direction. With changing light and situations, many curve balls can be thrown your way, and the need to be flexible and change the setup at a moment’s notice is always a possibility. However, great creativity comes from working in an unpredictable setting.

As you can see, the duties of a Commercial photographer can vary greatly depending on what specialty or area of commercial photography you choose to focus on.

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