What is a Professional Headshot?

Taking photos is so common because almost everyone has access to a smartphone camera in their pockets, coupled with social media accounts hungry for content. However, with so many photos coming through our lives daily, it’s fair to wonder what a professional headshot is.

Your clients can tell the difference between a professional head shot and a snap shot.

The main thing that will distinguish a snapshot from a professional headshot is the photographer’s lighting, posing, camera angle, and experience. For example, most people have seen or taken photos in poor lighting conditions at a not-so-flattering angle. Or maybe you have seen high fashion ad campaigns or portraits with artistic side lighting. In comparison, these are different photography styles but not what you want for a professional headshot. A professional headshot will portray you clearly and express your friendly demeanor. 

For a professional headshot, you want to work with a photographer experienced in shooting headshots for business purposes. For example, you may have your headshot was taken at a professional headshot studio with high-quality lighting equipment, or you can have the photographer capture you in your office environment.  Either way, the advantage of hiring a professional photographer is that they will know how to help you select a fitting background, offer directions for posting, and assist in helping you choose your final images.

Professional head shots do not have to be stressful or award

While having your picture taken can be stressful, hiring a professional helps set you at ease. You will be proud to show off your new professional headshot. Your headshot is your first impression in the digital marketplace. A professional headshot will showcase you in the best light possible.  

When looking for an experienced headshot photographer in Birmingham, AL. Give kp studios a call at (205) 410-0688 or book your headshot online. With over twenty years of experience, you are guaranteed to love your new professional headshot.