What is an Industrial photographer?

What is an Industrial photographer?

An industrial photographer is a professional photographer with experience working inside manufacturing and machine plants. We had the pleasure of working with Brose out of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, to help promote their train-to-hire program and partnering with the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. Brose gives students on-the-job, real-life training. As a result, students’ training programs will be ready for hire when they graduate from the program. In addition, creating professional industrial photography for our clients helped attract new students to enroll and take part in their excellent on-the-job training program. This industrial photography project aimed to create compelling images to be placed on billboards around the area. In turn, these billboards attracted the attention of local college students to their train to hire program.

What you need to know about Industrial Photography

An Industrial photographer captures the manufacturing industry and its workers creating heavy machine products. These images look simple at first glance. However, many details such as planning, setup, lighting, and finding the right person to be photographed take place behind the scenes. Your industrial photography needs to stand out to create a professional look for your company website. Professional images showcase the valuable work that your company produces. 

How does an industrial photographer capture culture?

An excellent industrial photographer can capture a snippet of your culture and have your images look very natural and less posed. Even though you think it’s “not posed,” much work goes into creating a styled, well-lit, well-composed shot, portraying the essence of your team or employee doing their daily work. For example, Brose prided themselves on their perfectly cleaned manufacturing facility and wanted to make sure everything was very white and bright, and clean looking. So with their culture being immaculate, we took the extra time to ensure all the equipment was cleaned correctly with attention to detail so that no dust or dirt showed in the images. We also used high-powered lights to enhance the already sparkling white facility.

They also wanted to showcase a friendly work environment to attract new students and the perfect lighting technique. Finally, proper planning ensured all the subjects photographed had matching Brose t-shirts to wear. The shirts were the final puzzle piece that helped the students feel like a part of a team. All of these small details are not by chance.

When you’re looking to hire an industrial photographer, make sure you choose a professional photographer that has experience working in large machine factories. Many photographers will walk around with a camera and “push the button,” as we like to say, however creating great images takes proper planning, great lighting, and the talent of a seasoned professional with years of experience. When you are looking for a professional photographer to capture your industrial plant, you need to make sure you find a photographer that has worked in the manufacturing industry before. There are many hurdles and lessons to be learned when working in and around heavy machinery. You certainly do not want to trust just any photographer to capture your manufacturing plant. Safety is our number one priority when entering the plant, and making sure we are photographing safe habits at work. We certainly do not want to draw any attention or showcase anything that could raise issues or get anyone hurt.


What kind of photography equipment should an industrial photographer have?

We pride ourselves on having the proper equipment to work in these complex types of environments. Our light equipment is high-powered enough to light an entire plant but compact enough to be portable and cordless.

 Our battery-powered lighting equipment allows us to move freely and effortlessly around the plant without causing extra tripping hazards for their employees or the other machinery that needs to move around the plant. The last thing we want to do is hinder the working progress. Time is money, and if the company has to shut the plant down to take pictures, its costs money. Therefore, we ensure that we can be as efficient as possible while photographing the critical elements of each piece of machinery without hindering the workday. 

The type of lighting we have is costly but is necessary to get the job done right the first time. Unfortunately, many amateurs can not afford the kind of professional lighting equipment. 


How many images can you expect to get from an industrial photographer from a one-day shoot?

When you hire the best industrial photographer, like kp studios, you can be confident that you are hiring quality over quantity. Well-crafted images will professionally showcase your company, and that is the goal.

Are you ready to rise above the competition? Then, contact kp studios to schedule your industrial consult so we can talk about how we can help you take your industrial manufacturing photography to the next level.”


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