What makes kp studios different from other photographers? 

What makes kp studios different from other photographers? 

Our answer is simple; we create dynamic images. Take the images below, for example. Many photographers will arrive at your location and “push the button,” as we call it, capturing what is there in front of them. That is okay for some photography styles. However, kp studios takes the time to create images. That could look like moving furniture/items to make more exciting backgrounds, lighting the scene to generate more “Dynamic” and engaging photos, and directing subjects on how to pose/ move for better composition, to name a few. 

Take the two photographs below, for example. We composed the shot in photograph A and pushed the button using only available light. In photograph B, we moved the forklift into the image and added colored lighting to create more interest, and directed the subject on his angels and positions. As a result, we find picture B more dynamic and exciting, creating more engagement with your brand. Do you agree?

What to expect when you hire kp studios

When you hire kp studios, we arrive at your location ready to create creative and compelling photography to showcase your products and people, perfect for advertising, websites, social media, etc. From headshots to product or process shots and everything in between, we come prepared with an assistant and our bag of tricks! We take time to compose, light, and create images consistent with your marketing needs, not just “push the button.” 

Also, did you know? We show you the images we create as we go, so you have the opportunity to art direct to ensure we are capturing your company’s vision. Our clients love this process, and it ensures you are 100% happy with the final imagery. 

And that’s not all! Within two business days of your shoot, you will receive a contact sheet for the final image selection. By selecting your favorite images, you only pay for the images you use in your marketing. We will deliver your beautiful high-res images ready for use within 2-4 business days from final selections. No waiting weeks to get your beautiful photographs! Our goal is to work fast and efficiently as possible, using your time wisely.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Schedule a free 15-min consultation to get started today. 

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