What should a woman wear for a professional headshot?

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recommendations for wardrobe for a Female Professional Headshot

  • Styling – can make or break your photo; it’s essential that your hair, makeup, and clothing be on point for the best image possible.
  • Solid color tops – extensive patterns, decorations, etc., are distracting.
  • Well-fitted and tailored clothes – looser clothes will often make you look larger.
  • Avoid low cut front – this can look unprofessional if the top is too low cut.
  • Long sleeve – most women look best when their arms are not showing.
  • Proper undergarments – so that the bra and the straps are not visible with your outfit
  • Avoid see-through – check in the mirror how well the bra and your top work together; we do not want to see through your top.
  • Vibrant colors – are more attractive and make for a more exciting look.
  • Avoid wearing all black or white unless you have a particular goal or look in mind. 
  • Jewelry – keep jewelry timeless and simple.