What Should I Wear For My Professional Headshot?

When selecting a look (or multiple looks), the primary concern should be professionalism. Your headshot will be specifically for career-related professional purposes, so start by thinking about what you would wear in an office setting or how you dress when you meet clients. The goal should be timeless, clean, and not too flashy. 

Next, you should think about your profession and branding colors. Choose colors that will confidante well with how your professional headshot will be used. For example, if your professional headshot is primarily going to be used on your company website that is predominantly green, you should probably avoid wearing red. Some people prefer to choose neutral tones – greys, black, navy, and shades of khaki, which are all great choices for a corporate profession. Blazers, crisp button-up shirts, and a tailored skirt or pants are also a great place to start when putting together a professional look for a professional headshot. However, suppose you are self-employed or have a creative type of business, such as a catering company. In that case, you might consider a look that is a little more colorful. Adding color to your headshot adds interest and helps you stand out in a crowded marketplace.  To get the most use out of your professional headshots, you want to avoid wearing anything too flashy, such as wild patterns or chunky jewelry (unless you sell jewelry), which distracts from the photo’s overall impression. The goal is to tailor your headshot for your professional needs, which could differ from person to person. 

Another option to consider when considering what to wear for your professional headshot is to try a variety of looks, especially if you aren’t sure which one you will like best. Many clients find it necessary to have multiple looks, from professional to more relaxed. In addition, today’s social media accounts are hungry for new updated images, so it would be worth capturing several photos with various looks. This will allow you to use your professional headshots in different ways when talking to diverse audiences. When choosing wardrobe for multiple looks, bring lots of options, including various colors, styles, and accessories.

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