Small Decisions = Big Results

Small Decisions = Big Results

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Why You Should Designate a Decision Maker

Making effective business decisions is just as crucial for corporate photography as any other aspect of your operations. Your corporate photos represent your company to the world. Consulting a decision-maker from your company on some of the more minor details helps us create images that align with your vision.

We shoot in a way that allows us to see every single image created, large on our computer. This will enable us to style the imagery to match your website or visual aesthetic. Sometimes we need to make precise decisions—since we’re not experts in your industry, it’s helpful to have a decision-maker from your company to help us finesse the images’ final outcome. For example, your machine operator should operate the machine a certain way. Your worker needs safety glasses for this shot, or props or tools need to be facing a particular direction. Some of these industry standards/preferences are things we can’t know. Having your decision-maker involved in the process helps us make sure we photograph your brand at the highest standards.

Although we have plenty of clients who trust us to do our thing, we achieve better results when consulting a decision-maker. Having a designated decision-maker also helps streamline the photo shoot, making the process more efficient and the final photos most effective.

How to Choose Your Photoshoot Decision Maker

The decision-maker could be your Marketing Director or HR Manager, depending on the type of shoot. At smaller companies, the decision-making role often falls to the VP or CEO. Here are a few questions to ask when designating your decision-maker:

  • Who set the goals for this photoshoot?
  • Who will be in charge of the photos after the shoot?
  • Who can make sure the creative decisions during the shoot are in keeping with your company culture? 

You want your photos to attract new customers and capture your story. Your photos should reveal your company’s best aspects and give your clients an idea of what it’s like to work with you. Designating a decision-maker for your corporate photo shoot will ensure that you’re thrilled with the final results. 

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At kp studios in Birmingham, we believe that every business should have images that sets it apart from the competition. We offer a full range of corporate photography services, including commercial lifestyle photography, on-site corporate headshots, and advertising branding campaigns. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.

When you hire kp studios for a corporate photoshoot, we make it our goal to ensure that you’re 100% pleased with the imagery created. To be happy with the final product, it is vital to have a decision-maker at the photoshoot. When the decision-maker is on-site, there is no reason why the outcome should be anything less than fantastic.

We look forward to working with you!

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