Working with kp studios | LaRochelle Lifestyle, what you can expect!

Working with kp studios | LaRochelle Lifestyle, what you can expect!

Hi, I’m Kristie with KP Studios and LaRochelle Lifestyle. I’m a commercial lifestyle photographer. Today, I just wanted to talk to you a little bit about the process of working with us on a commercial lifestyle shoot.

The first thing you can expect is, once the initial contact has been made, is to have a phone conversation. We love to pick up the phone, and we love to talk to you personally. We just like to get to know you a little bit better, and we like to set up a meeting with you.

The meeting is very important to put a face with the name. It also lets us see your location, let us do a little scouting, so we can determine if the shoot should take place here, or are we going to need alternate locations and so forth? This meeting just lets us get to know you. It lets us hear about your story and your brand, and just really gives us an insight to your business so that we can provide the best possible creative ideas for you and your team.

We like to sit down with you. We like to brainstorm. We like to go over those ideas with you and help just collaborate as a team with that artistic vision. We’re going to talk about your budget, we’re going to talk about what to expect, and when you should expect your quote.

Once we’ve delivered that quote, we’re going to give you a few days to look over it, share it with your team, and we’re going to follow up with you. We’re going to discuss any changes or details or additions that need to happen to that quote. Once we get that final approval, you can expect a full creative brief.

The creative brief is just a document that houses all of the information that’s going to happen on the shoot. It keeps up with our models, with our stylists, with our wardrobe, with our locations, with our shot list, just all the important factors that happen. This just helps keep us all on the same page and allows us to collaborate as a team.

All right, so you’ve been delivered that creative brief. Everybody’s on the same page. We’ve got our dates set, and we’re excited for the day of the shoot. What can you expect on that shoot day?

First and foremost, you can expect fun. After all, lifestyle photography is a ton of fun. We have lots of energy. We have a great team, and we want to make sure that everybody’s having a great time. We also want to be mindful of time and keeping everybody on schedule, so that creative brief just allows for all that to happen in a timely manner.

We’re going to review all the images with you live and in person as the shoot is taking place, and this just makes sure that we’re on the same page, that you’re liking what we’re getting, and if for some reason we need to make adjustments or changes, we can do it right there on the fly, no big deal. This ensures that you’re going to be happy with the final product and that we’re going to deliver a product that you really love.

We hope this video gives you a little insight into who we are, how we work, what to expect, and we look forward to working with you soon.

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